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How To Make Your Tile Flooring Unique

April 29, 2022
Unique tile flooring in a Phoenix, AZ home
Did you know that tile flooring offers more customizations than any other flooring? So you can personalize these floors to make them as unique as you'd like them to be.

Each choice you make builds on the one before and after it. So, for instance, you can choose the perfect color and then add a fantastic texture.

Tile flooring is yours

Tile comes in a wide variety of standard sizes and formats, including subway tile. You can also choose porcelain and ceramic tile sizes and shapes that are yours and yours alone.

Many homeowners use this option to create stunning mosaics or personalized designs. It's a great way to cater to eclectic interior design schemes that speak to your personality.

The benefits of this floor covering

To go along with unique designs,  you'll find age-old benefits like durability. These tiles are dense, hard, and resistant to wear and chipping.

You'll also find that tile inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria for a cleaner surface. So it can even affect the air quality for the better.

The longevity of tile

Tile flooring can last more than 50 years with ease, with some products seeing 100 years of lifespan. A professional installation helps meet this mark, as does regular cleaning.

Find your tile flooring today

Express Flooring is a mobile tile shop in Phoenix, AZ that offers shop at home services to any customer. We know that flooring should look good in your home, not just in the showroom.

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