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How to Remove Chewing Gum from A Laminate Floor

June 17, 2020
Many people consider that removing chewing gum from Laminate floors is a difficult one but it is not that painful task as you think. But if you notice that gum has accidentally stuck to the floor, remove immediately before it does major damage to the floor. However, below are the few simple steps which help you to remove the gum from laminate.

Things Needed:

  • Plastic bag with ice cubes or Ice packs
  • Wood cleaner
  • Butter knife
  • Blade

Follow these simple tips to remove gum to make your floor look clean again.

With the use of a butter knife:

  • To remove the chewing gum from the floor, use a butter knife to scrape the gum off from the Laminate.
  • Some experts or professionals can also make use of a blade to remove gum from the floor but it requires a lot of care and expertise.
  • If you are trying to do it yourself, you must be very careful when removing gum with a knife as you may scratch the floor instead.
  • Removing gum with a knife requires more time, but this process is less risky.

With Ice:

  • Take a pack of ice cubes and place it exactly on the sticky spot. Allow the ice bag to sit on the affected area at least for 10 minutes or more.
  • You can even take a plastic ice bag if the bag leaks place a paper towel or cloth between the bag and gum.
  • With ice the gum will become hard and it can be removed off from the floor very easily.
  • After the chewing gum has hardened, you can peel it from the floor by using a butter knife or with hand.
  • If you still find it difficult to peel the gum, again replace the ice bag for a couple of minutes and then try again to remove the gum.

Scraping Excess or harden Gum with Plastic knife:

  • It cannot be removed so easily if the gum sticks harder and is in a long flat strip on the floor.
  • Remember not to use sandpaper. Because sandpaper can spoil the laminate finish and you will be permanently left with a spoiled area of flooring instead of a small spot of gum stain.
  • Choose a good flat plastic scraper and gently place it down the gum, where it meets the floor and then remove it from the floor.
  • You can use the back end of a plastic fork or spoon, plastic knife, or even a plastic paint scraper to remove the gum

Points to be Remembered after removing the Gum:

  • After removing the gum from the floor, you need to clean the leftover residues.
  • Spray the spotted area with any cleaning liquids and allow it to stay on the floor for some time and clean it with a wet mop.
  • Sometimes accidentally you may scratch the laminate floor. Even if this happens, do not worry about it, as you can fix the holes easily with the use of wood filler.
  • Finally, as the last step, wipe off the spot and dry it with a soft cloth.