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In Winter Which Flooring is better and why?

June 22, 2020
Walking barefoot in a cold room is not at all comfortable, especially in the cold climate (winter) when the floor won’t stay warm. Flooring that stays warm and cosy can make it more comfortable all winter long.

Looking for a floor that suits your style, comfort and especially that stays warm and cosy with a friendly budget?

If so, what are the most efficient flooring options that keep you warm and cosy through the winter? So what kind of floor is perfect for your home?

  1. Carpet Flooring
  2. Hardwood Flooring (Engineered)
  3. Tile Flooring
  4. Laminate Flooring
  5. Natural Stone

– “A great barrier to prevent cold” -As we all know, carpet flooring is obviously one of the warmest flooring types as it provides a natural cushioning, lot of warmth and cosiness to your rooms. Carpets are excellent insulators and act as a shield to prevent heat or cold from radiating through the floor, also it offers a bit of thermal resistance. Carpeted floors are most common in locations with colder climates.

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Hardwood (Engineered) – Made of genuine wood and it gives your home an updated look and feels. It is a very stable material that doesn’t react to temperature and humidity changes even in extreme colder climates. Hardwood is one of the good flooring options for winters as they work well with radiant heat systems.

Tile- “An Excellent Insulators”- Tiled floors can last for decades. Tiles are commonly available in porcelain and ceramic, and they are one of the few flooring products that will keep your floors warm in winter and cool in summer. The tiles are laid directly onto the slab, allowing the earth’s reasonably constant temperature to radiate through the floor. Therefore most of the houses usually will opt for tile flooring.

Laminate- In recent times, laminate is becoming exceptionally popular among the best flooring options. This is because it mimics old- fashioned hardwood at its best, and the cost and maintenance is less when compared to hardwood. It is a type of flooring that keeps your floors warm in colder climates and will not expand or contract from high moisture levels, dry air or high temperature, hence a great option for cold climates. It works extremely well with radiant heat systems in homes. Laminate is made up of genuine wood layers, a more solid and stable surface than traditional hardwood.

Natural Stone- Every natural stone is unique, just like nature. Natural stones are brilliant for longevity and can provide a timeless look. Natural stone is an excellent insulating material that will keep your home warm in winter. It conducts heat well, making it a top choice for radiant heat systems. Natural stone is intrinsically associated with luxury, quality and permanence.

Eventually, choose the flooring that makes your winter warm and cosy with these trendy flooring options.

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