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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Porcelain Tile Floors

June 24, 2020
Porcelain tile is a new variety of ceramic tile that many business owners and homeowners aren’t all that familiar with. It’s known for its strength, durability, and beauty and is generally thought of as an improved product over the standard ceramic tile. Even though porcelain tile floors are made from most of the same materials like ceramic tiles, they are made better and offer many benefits that other flooring solutions do not. That’s why we’re taking some time to cover the downsides and benefits of porcelain tile, so you can decide for yourself whether the product is worth investing in or not for your own uses.

What is Porcelain Tile?

Before getting into the benefits and drawbacks of porcelain tile, it makes sense to go over what it actually is. It’s a flooring solution made from very dense clay that’s fired at higher temperatures than standard ceramic tile flooring is. Porcelain tile is made from clay, and other natural materials blended together and fired in a furnace. It’s known for being highly uniform in construction and non-porous. This makes it better for spaces with fluctuating temperatures and a more reliable option for radiant heating solutions. Generally, porcelain tile comes in the same thicknesses as ceramic tile, but it’s heavier overall. It is also offered in more shapes and styles than ceramic tile is, which is why some people decide to go with the product.

The Benefits of Porcelain Tile

Many people are turned off from using porcelain tiles in their homes or businesses because they tend to be more expensive than other tile alternatives, but there’s a reason that the tiles cost more money. There are many porcelain tile benefits to consider, and all those benefits come together to make a porcelain tile floor highly attractive. Taking the time to get familiar with all the different benefits will make the price tag easier to deal with, and before you know it, you might be happily paying for a porcelain tile installation of your own.

Resists wear:

Porcelain tile is highly resistant to wear and tends to last better over the years than standard ceramic tile does. That’s because porcelain tile has fewer air pockets, it’s a denser material, it’s more uniform in construction and tends to be harder and thicker overall than most other tile varieties. Porcelain tile floors are known to last for years, and they are a top choice for business use or in rental properties because of just how durable they are over time. If you want flooring that will hold up to pets well, and continue looking good for years, that’s one of the biggest porcelain tile benefits that you’ll enjoy. Your porcelain tile floors are less prone to breaking, and they are designed to hold up really well.

Low Maintenance:

Maintaining flooring can be really intensive when you have something like traditional hardwood flooring, or it can be quick and easy when you have something like porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles look great, they’re tough, and they are simple to maintain. They don’t require any special sealing to keep out water as some other tiles do. Porcelain tile floors are simple to clean and water wipes right off them without causing any real damage. That’s why porcelain tile is used heavily in kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, and mudrooms where moisture is common. They aren’t entirely waterproof but are resistant enough to make them easy to keep clean and in good shape over time. Porcelain tile floors are some of the easiest to maintain out of all the different flooring varieties available.

They’re beautiful:

One of the huge porcelain tile benefits is the way that the material looks. It’s made from high-quality components and put together to be an almost luxury product. This tough tile solution looks better than most ceramic tiles and will transform your space into something you are truly proud of. The flooring comes in a range of appearances, and some of the styles of porcelain tile are truly stunning.

Excellent for high traffic use:

Porcelain tile floors are perfect for high traffic environments for a few different reasons, which makes them so desirable for business use. This flooring is highly resistant to wear, and breakage, even against the rough nails of pets. The floors are highly moisture resistant and simple to clean as well. Those different benefits come together and make porcelain tile floors perfect for high traffic environments. Business owners or homeowners that like to throw parties can really benefit from porcelain tile installation. The floors don’t have to be babied as other flooring options do. Porcelain tiles will hold up to the use and abuse of everyday life, and you can just enjoy the way they look without spending hours on maintenance tasks.

Offered in a wide range of styles:

Anyone can be happy with porcelain tiles, which is another one of the porcelain tile benefits. This flooring option can be made to look like most other types of flooring to suit your tastes. Porcelain tiles can be made to look like marble, granite, slate, hardwoods, limestone and just about any other type of flooring that you are interested in. Porcelain tile is highly diverse, which means you don’t have to settle for one particular style when investing in porcelain. Instead, you can get any appearance that you would like, and settling isn’t necessary. With all the different options available for look, color, pattern, and size when it comes to picking out porcelain tile, it’s simple to match any style that you are interested in having in your home. Porcelain tile is more diverse than ceramic tile, making it a particularly good option for buyers that have very specific tastes. If you don’t like your ceramic tile options when looking at flooring, consider porcelain tile floors for more options.

Highly durable:

One of the most important porcelain tile benefits is its durability. Porcelain tile is made from highly refined clay that’s fired at higher temperatures and designed to hold up better than most other types of flooring on the market. If you have pets, or you are just hard on floors in general, there are few options better than porcelain tile for long-lasting wear resistance. You should seriously consider porcelain tile because it just holds up well and isn’t hard to care for either. It’s tough to damage the flooring, and it is possible to replace it in the future piece by piece if necessary.

More moisture resistant:

One major issue that some homeowners in cold climates experience with ceramic tile is cracking due to moisture issues. That’s because damp tile exposed to freezing temperatures will crack apart. Porcelain tile is much less likely to suffer from this problem though. That’s because porcelain tile floors are denser and more uniform and much less porous than other tile varieties. There isn’t as much of a chance that moisture will seep through porcelain tiles, which leaves you with a stronger and more reliable form of flooring. Porcelain tile floors are even used for some outdoor installations, though we recommend keeping them inside for best results. Either way, porcelain tile is highly moisture resistant and perfect for spaces that will get a bit damp now and then.

Simple to clean:

Porcelain tile doesn’t harbor bacteria like more porous material does, and it’s very simple to wipe off and keep clean over time. It can be treated like most other tiles and swept and mopped without issue. The tile stays cleaner than traditional tile and doesn’t suffer from staining as easily either. Business owners will love how easy it is to keep porcelain tile floors in good shape and looking good, but so will homeowners that want a neat and tidy looking space to live in.

The Disadvantages of Porcelain Tiles

There are plenty of reasons to like porcelain tile floors, but those porcelain tile benefits don’t excuse the downsides to this type of flooring. There are some issues with this type of flooring that you should be aware of as well before deciding on the solution for your home or business.

Difficult to install:

Since porcelain tile is denser, it’s more difficult to work with as well. The things that make it so long-lasting and reliable, also make it harder to cut through and layout properly. Porcelain tile is highly dense, and only the most experienced flooring professionals should attempt porcelain tile installation.


Again, porcelain tile is denser than ceramic tile. That’s a good thing for all the reasons listed above, but in certain applications, say a second story bathroom, it’s also a bad thing. There’s a lot of weight to porcelain tile floors. Before having this type of flooring installed in certain areas, like the upstairs of your home, it’s vital to make sure the current structure is strong enough to support the added weight of this tile. The higher weight of porcelain tile also makes it more difficult to install. It’s a lot of work carrying around the heavier tiles, and most installers like the material less for that reason. The porcelain tile benefits outweigh its cons for most people, but the weight is one thing that you’ll really have to think about before you purchase porcelain tiles and pay for porcelain tile installation.

More expensive:

When you’re working with a pretty tight budget, the price can be another concern with porcelain tiles. They aren’t outrageously priced, but they tend to cost more per tile than ceramic, and they are more costly to have installed as well. If you are attempting to get the most affordable flooring that you can, porcelain tile floors might not be your best option. On the other hand, the flooring is likely to last for years longer than more affordable solutions, so it could actually be a better value over the long term than a more affordable flooring option. Porcelain tile floors are certainly more expensive, which you have to think about, especially if your budget is already being stretched, but it shouldn’t be your only concern when choosing a flooring type to go with.

More difficult to repair:

Finally, porcelain tile is more difficult to repair than ceramic tile flooring is. That’s because the tiles are more difficult to work with, and you’ll likely be quoted a higher price if you have to bring professionals in to swap out tiles for you. With that said, it’s less likely that porcelain tile floors will need repairs in the future. If you compare repair costs between porcelain tile floors and another option other than porcelain tiles, the costs would likely be comparable since repairs aren’t necessary as much as tough porcelain tile flooring solutions.

It’s important to really think about the porcelain tile benefits as well as the downsides to this flooring solution. As long as you don’t mind the added cost of the flooring, the added weight that it brings to your home or business, or the difficulty to repair or install, it’s really worth considering as a flooring solution. Porcelain tile is one of the toughest floor varieties that you can go with, and it’s an excellent option for pet owners. The flooring can look any way that you want it to, it does well in most areas of the home and is worth some serious consideration, just make sure that you work with professionals to help you come up with the right flooring for your needs.

At Express Flooring we specialize in tile-based flooring and can help you find the very best porcelain tile floors available at reasonable prices. It’s not always simple finding the best flooring option for your home or business, but with some professional advice, you’ll feel more comfortable choosing the flooring that you’ll be using for a decade or more in your space. Don’t rush to choose a flooring solution, and absolutely don’t invest in a product without talking with professionals first. You might spend a bit more money, and have to wait a bit longer for installation, but porcelain tile floors hold up like none other, and you’ll be pleased with your purchase in the end.