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Tile Flooring for a Mediterranean-Style Home

November 08, 2023
Tile flooring for a Mediterranean-style home
Mediterranean-style homes are known for their breezy, sun-kissed feel, emphasizing natural light, earthy tones, and rustic elegance. Tile flooring is a key element in achieving this aesthetic. In this blog, we’ll explore how to choose and style tile flooring to perfectly complement a Mediterranean-style home.

Embracing natural color schemes

Mediterranean homes often feature a color palette inspired by the sea and the sun. Think of warm terracotta, sandy beige, ocean blues, and lush greens. When selecting tile flooring, opt for colors that mirror these natural hues. Terracotta tiles, in particular, are synonymous with Mediterranean design, offering a warm, earthy base that pairs well with brighter accents.

Selecting the right tile material

The material of your tiles can greatly influence the overall look of your Mediterranean-style home. Natural stone tiles, like travertine or limestone, are excellent choices for their texture and color variations. Ceramic and porcelain tiles that mimic these natural stone textures can also be used for a more cost-effective yet authentic look.

Incorporating patterns and textures

Patterned tiles play a significant role in Mediterranean interiors. Choose tiles with geometric patterns, floral motifs, or intricate designs to add character to your space. Hand-painted or mosaic tiles can be used as accent pieces or for statement areas, like a kitchen backsplash or bathroom floor, to bring in an artistic touch.

Focusing on indoor-outdoor flow

Mediterranean homes often blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living. Choose tile flooring that transitions smoothly from inside to outside. This continuity not only creates a seamless look but also extends the living space, embodying the Mediterranean lifestyle of leisure and openness.

Adding rustic charm with finishes

To truly capture the essence of Mediterranean style, consider the finish of your tiles. Matte or honed finishes can provide a more natural, aged look, while a slight gloss can mimic the sun's reflection off the sea.

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Tile flooring is an integral part of creating a Mediterranean-style home. By focusing on natural color schemes, selecting the right materials, incorporating patterns, ensuring indoor-outdoor flow, and choosing the appropriate finishes, you can create a space that feels both timeless and effortlessly elegant. Contact Express Flooring to explore various tile options that will help you achieve the perfect Mediterranean ambiance in your home. Our Tucson service areas include Marana, Vail, Oro Valley, Catalina Foothills, Sahuarita, Green Valley, Red Rock, and more.