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Why Mohawk Tile Flooring is so Popular? [Definitive Guide]

June 23, 2020
For more years now, Mohawk has been exceptional at providing quality flooring for homes in America. They first rolled out their Mohawk carpets in 1878. One of its early beginnings definitely puts them in a very experienced place when it comes to flooring.

Since then, Mohawk has expanded and continued to develop quality-flooring products through revolutionary product innovation, award-winning design, and a team of highly talented and dedicated individuals. Mohawk 100% manufactures their carpets in the United States; proving how they are able to become a leading and trusted brand flooring in the industry.

Now, they have expanded their product selections like their Mohawk tile flooring available in a number of Mohawk Tile stores around the country. With high quality, it would be a shame not to showcase to the people Mohawk tiles as well as the Mohawk tile Installation service. For this, Mohawk tile flooring has become so popular. And if you are still wondering why, here are the answers:

Pattern & Design for Any Space

Mohawk’s tile flooring comes with a wide selection of colors, textures, and sizes. On top of that is the wide array of designs—from rustic and refined, to casual. All of these makes Mohawk’s tiles fit for unlimited types of applications that turn the space into stylish. They can be for tile flooring, backsplashes, countertops, mosaics, and wall tiles.


When you say ceramic, one of the first few things flooring experts would point out about it is its versatility. Ceramic can be employed and used in a variety of environments. But of course, it also has some drawbacks you have to take note.

When it comes to DIY projects, ceramic is a good choice since it is very easy to cut due to its less density. Homeowners who would like to make their own ceramic tile application would find it convenient to cut by hand, by wet tile saw, or even snap tile cutter. Ceramic tile also offers a wide selection of colors, textures, and styles. With modern techniques, it can be even made to mimic and reproduce a number of looks like that of hardwood and natural stones.

Moreover, ceramic flooring is very easy to maintain while keeping the air free of irritating materials. The dirt, stains, and liquids resting on the surface can be conveniently wiped or mopped away. Other regular maintenance only includes the basic sweeping and vacuuming. There is no need to look for anything special to clean your ceramic tile.

Ceramic tile is comparatively cheap than porcelain; costing at around $5 to $10 per square foot. You can even get this with bargain basement and premium materials at a little higher price.

However, beyond this, you must take note how it is not durable enough to be used for exteriors. Ceramics are known to absorb too much water. This would cause your tile to crack on the first freezing night.


Falling under the same tile category as ceramic but stronger is Porcelain. Porcelain tiles are probably one of the most hard-working tile options available out there. This makes it even more ideal for a variety of areas than ceramic. Mohawk also proudly manufactures porcelain tile flooring as a testament to their high quality giving position.

Porcelain is a dense material that highly resists water and could withstand exposure from freezing and thawing. It has a low water absorption rate, which is perfect for areas that get easily wet like kitchens and bathrooms. Porcelain is also more resistant to scratches, moisture, bacteria, and odors. You can even improve this by applying a melted glass glaze that will make the surface it is adhered to completely impervious to water.

Furthermore, porcelain tiles are also very durable. It has a through-body composition that is suitable for heavy usage than ceramic tile. This can be seen when you chip a porcelain tile and you will see how its color keeps ongoing than a chipped ceramic tile that has a different color underneath. The durability of porcelain tiles is also a result of it being fired at higher temperatures for long periods of time. For this, porcelain is very resistant to most heavy impact stresses. Its PEI rating of at least five can attest to that.

Through proper care and maintenance, you will be able to make its appearance last longer. Fortunately doing this requires very little of you since it is very low maintenance. Spills can be easily cleaned with a damp rag while keeping the floor free from loose debris only needs regular sweeping. If you want it easier to clean, then it is recommended to do your periodic damp mopping with a solution of pH balanced dish soap and water.

And if you are afraid of any burnt marks, then you can be assured that porcelain will have none of that since it is fireproof. It does not burn under any normal conditions. It also can help restrict the transference and movement of flames if a fire breaks out.


To further amp up and beautify your space, Mohawk also recommends the use of accents. Accents bring dimension and visual interest to a certain part of your room together with the tile of your choice. There are a number of accents you can choose from. Get inspired by fashionable patterns, mosaics, and varied textures like glass, stone, and metal. Or mix and match to create your own look.


Mohawk is very serious when it comes to giving the best tile products to homeowners across the United States. That is why they have equipped their Mohawk tile flooring with the following features:

Reveal Imaging:

Looking for the best-looking tiles is over with Mohawk’s Reveal Imaging technology. Reveal Imaging claims to be the most advanced printing technology in the industry. It transforms regular tiles into the most realistic and natural-looking imitation of stone and hardwood than everything we have ever offered. Reveal Imaging creates a variety of authentic, real-looking options. So when you choose Mohawk Tile, you can definitely find your own personal style making your space as unique as you.

The state of the art technology of Reveal Imaging that is infused in Mohawk’s tile also creates vivid, intricate detail with an unmatched color definition. You can choose from dramatic veining to random, high shade variation. On top of that, Reveal Imaging makes natural stone and hardwood looks affordable and accessible for those who want it without the high price.

And finally, Reveal Imaging tiles rank among the highest recycled material content of any. So not only will you get high-quality products and unique designs at a lower price but being environmentally friendly as well.

Microban Technology:

For those who want that added protection, then Mohawk has got you covered with their Microban Technology infused tile. Microban technology helps keep a longer-lasting clean to your tiles. It helps maintain a clean home by protecting your tile against bacteria, mold, and mildew. What is more, this technology is long-lasting. It is revolutionary in the way that it won’t wash off or wear away. There is an added extra layer put on your tiles for more durable and long-lasting protection that best suits areas with high traffic.

Mohawk tiles are manufactured by infusing the glaze with Microban technology throughout its process. So you don’t have to worry about re-application since there is no need of that anymore. Throughout the entire life of the product, the Microban technology defends the surface of your tile, slowing the growth of mold and mildew, as well as stain-and-odor-causing bacteria on the surface. Also, it does not require UV light to be effective unlike other agents on the market. Microban guarantees a more durable, longer-lasting, PTCA-certified tile flooring for you and your family.

Green Products and Practices:

Ultimately, what makes Mohawk tiles so perfect is that it is made from green products and practices. They offer eco-friendly flooring in hundreds of beautiful, top-quality products made from recycled and renewable resources—from carpet and carpet cushion to hardwood, laminate, and tile.

Besides their materials and products, Mohawk’s process is also environmentally friendly. Their approach to sustainability covers every point of a product’s lifecycle, from raw materials, manufacturing, and distribution to installation methods and end-of-life recycling. So not only is Mohawk flooring an excellent choice for you but the planet as well.

Size & Pattern:

Another thing that makes Mohawk tile flooring popular is its expansive tile size and pattern offering.

The tile size that you will choose will definitely work best and be in proportion to the size of the room. We offer smaller tiles that make small rooms feel constricted as well as larger tiles that keep big areas from feeling overwhelming.

As for the pattern, you will also see and get what will work best when used in proportion to the room. There are endless styles, colors, and pattern options you can choose from. So there is truly no need to worry about finding the right one. One rule of thumb that you must keep in mind, however, is that: if you can’t repeat the pattern at least four times in a room, choose a smaller pattern or tile size.

Tile Design Trends

There are a lot of tile design trends that will keep you inspired in creating a unique space of your own. Here are some tips we have gathered for you with the use of our popular Mohawk tile flooring:


If you want to show around your main color of choice, then you should use it to your largest areas like the floor. For more visual impact, use contrasting colors, like light walls and dark floors. If you want a more subtle look, on the other hand, match floor and wall colors or keep them in the same color family.


Shade variation is the amount of color and tonal change within each tile and between multiple tiles. A more uniform appearance can be achieved with low shade variation levels having few differences in shade. High shade variation levels have more contrast within and between tiles.


Tile’s surface makes it very customizable for floors and walls alike. Here are some design ideas we would like to show you:

  • Long & Linear – For a clean and modern look on your bathroom and kitchen backsplash, use rectangular tiles in single or varied sizes. This look is popular in ceramic and glass tiles.
  • Original Stone – If you prefer a more high-end and luxurious feel, then you can never go wrong with original stones like classic marble and travertine to transform the feel of your bathroom. To get this, use large tiles to bring order to an open space, or smaller tiles to help a cozy bath feel less constricted.
  • Accent Walls – Like the one stated above, accent walls could bring dimension and visual interest to one wall in a room with the tile of your choice. A look that is currently preferred now is wood looks, which adds natural-looking texture and a warm feel.
  • Bold Colored Glass – An added dimension, as well as subtle shadows, is given by the reflective quality of glass. There is literally an endless number of options—from monotone to multicolor mosaics.
  • Pattern & Proportion – Patterns can truly help make a statement that expresses your own unique personal style. For the size, choose larger patterns for open areas, and smaller patterns in proportion to their space.

Overall, Mohawk Tile Flooring has become popular for all the right reasons. It is trusted by consumers to deliver high-quality tile products. Furthermore, the style and design possibilities are endless so you don’t have to look anywhere just for it to match your own personal style. And on top of that, Mohawk is very environmentally conscious. You can see this in their green products as well as the process they put them in. Purchasing Mohawk tile flooring makes it easy for consumers to reach their dream house without having to harm the planet.