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Carpet Flooring Stores In Tucson, AZ

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In need of carpet flooring options in Tucson? Express Flooring has you covered. Express Flooring's outlet in Tucson provides an amazing selection of carpets of all styles, colors, and prices.

Whether you need cut pile or loop pile, or woven, needle felt, knotted, tufted, or embroidered, Express Flooring is your best option for carpet flooring services in Tucson or carpet flooring installation.

A new and popular option is Kids Carpet, which has an inbuilt blemish protection system. It features a solution that is used to clean medical supplies and deter undesirable odor. Get this option and more from the top brands at a great price. We deliver the cost and services that no other carpet store in Tucson can offer.

Pet Friendly Flooring
Pet Friendly Flooring
Pet Friendly Flooring

Express Flooring stores in Tucson give you the leverage to handpick the carpet flooring that fits the look and feel of your home. We also provide free carpet installation for the carpet flooring you purchase.

Not sure what look you want? Our professionals that visit as part of our free in-home estimate can help offer suggestions or answer questions that you might have. We ensure that our carpet flooring services in Tucson are of the highest quality.

We also offer next-day installation for our in stock carpets in Tucson. Our carpet flooring installation also comes complete with a lifetime warranty. Pick your carpet flooring and we will do the rest.

To schedule your free in-home estimate.

Express Flooring Offers the Best Discount Carpets and Services in Arizona

Express Flooring makes it easy for customers in the Tucson area to find discount carpets that add beauty and comfort to their homes.

We also provide an in-home estimate for homeowners to shop effortlessly in their home. Our Expert Installer helps homeowners to get a perfect idea on types of carpets as well.

In general, Homeowners who learn more about our services and products will understand why Express Flooring has become such a popular option in cities throughout Arizona.

Carpet and Flooring in Tucson

Tucson’s warm weather and infrequent precipitation make it the perfect place for homeowners to enjoy a variety of flooring options, including carpet and hardwood. Many homeowners prefer carpet because they enjoy the softness and durability that certain styles offer.

Express Flooring keeps several types of carpet styles in stock so we can offer you next-day installation. We think it’s important for people to learn about their flooring options before they decide what to buy, though. By learning a little bit about the types of carpeting, customers can choose styles that they love.

Tucson Residential Carpet Flooring

Express Flooring’s carpet stores in Tucson keep the most popular carpet styles in stock. Some of our bestsellers include Saxony, Berber and frieze carpets.

Saxony carpet has a cut pile that gives it a durable surface and a formal look. Our suppliers made straight and textured Saxony carpets. Straight Saxony resembles velvet. Textured Saxony has twisted fibers that give it unique characteristics. A textured Saxony carpet’s appearance can change quite dramatically throughout the day as the lighting changes.

Homeowners and businesses often choose Saxony because they enjoy the carpet’s style and durability.

Our collection of Tucson carpet flooring includes Berber carpets. Berber is a loop carpet that comes in a wide range of colors. Homeowners who choose Berber carpets often do so because they appreciate the carpet’s exceptional durability and low price.

Berber carpets have low prices because they’re made from olefin fiber, which costs less than nylon, wool and other fibers used to manufacture carpets. Getting Berber from a discount Tucson carpet dealer helps bring the price even lower.

Frieze makes a great discount carpet in Tucson because it has long, twisted fibers that give it a comfortable feel and durable surface. Some people compare frieze carpets to the shag carpets that were popular during the 1970s. Frieze carpets, however, have a modern style that sets them apart from old shag carpets.

Featured Pet-Friendly Carpet Flooring From Express Flooring

We’ve all seen what a pet can do to an otherwise lovely carpet. Even a well-trained animal can have an accident that leaves rugs stained and smelly. Express Flooring discount carpet in Tucson includes several pet-friendly options that resist stains and odors.

EverStrand is one of our favorite pet-friendly carpets because it has built-in Scotchgard Protection that:

  • Repels spills and messes before they have a chance to stain carpet fibers.
  • Resists dirt so carpet fibers stay clean.
  • Coats fibers from top to bottom to keep the entire carpet clean.

Even if a dog, cat or other animal has an accident on your EverStrand carpet, you can clean up the mess easily without worrying about long-lasting stains or odors.

Our professionals can also help customers choose pet-friendly carpets based on the types of animals that they have. For instance, long-fiber carpets can capture the dander created by some dog breeds. People who have allergies, therefore, can benefit from using the right kind of carpet that can capture dander and other allergens. Instead of suffering from airborne dander, they can vacuum their carpets regularly to keep the air clean.

Pet Friendly Carpet Flooring

The Clear Advantage of Express Flooring

At Express Flooring, we work hard to make sure that all homeowners get the carpets and services that they deserve. We stand out from our competitors by:

  • Keeping our prices as low as possible.
  • Offering free carpet installation.
  • Providing free estimates based each room’s dimensions.
  • Bringing carpet samples to customers, so they don’t have to come to our store.

About the Tucson Carpet Store

The Carpet Store focuses on selling discount carpet in Tucson. Since we’re based in Tucson, we know what features local homeowners usually want in their carpets.

We keep popular carpet styles in stock so customers can get next-day installation. Some stores make their customers wait for days before they deliver and install new carpets. At Express Flooring’s carpet store, we go the extra mile by providing free, next-day installation.

Our carpet professionals aim to please every customer. To meet that goal, we’ve developed the services that Tucson families and business owners want most.

We Bring the Store to Your Door

At Express Flooring, we know that many people have busy schedules that make it difficult for them to visit our store in person. We solve that problem by bringing the store to you. Our representatives will bring all of our products and samples to your home. This approach not only helps customers save time but gives you an opportunity to see what our flooring options look like in your home.

While visiting your house, we can take accurate measurements of your floors and give you a free estimate that makes it easier to choose a carpeting option that matches your home and budget. Once we get your order, we can install your new carpet on the very next day.

Express Flooring provides modern carpet styles and useful services that make the buying and installation process as easy as possible. Anyone looking for discount carpet in Tucson should contact Express Flooring to learn more about our diverse stock of carpets.

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