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Advantages of Darker Color Carpets

June 23, 2020
It is often said that darker colors make a room look dull, small, and dingy, that is just a myth. Darker floors give a stylish and an elegant look to a home, and tell us about the taste of the homeowner. Dark floors are used to brighten up the dull space when the right colors come together and there is lot of natural light coming in through the windows. Some people shy away from the dark floors while some people take the bold step and go in for the darker shades and make the room lively and attractive.

The advantages of carpet, like it is soft underfoot, a good insulator in cold climatic conditions, the range of colors and materials, have made carpet the most popular flooring option that homeowners opt for in today’s flooring world.


Carpets are available in all colors. Light blue, beige, cream, golden color, etc; come under light-colored shades whereas dark brown, red, maroon comes under darker shades of carpet. Each kind of carpet has a unique character and they give out an attractive and graceful look depending on the rest of the décor.

Here you can find some advantages and some ideas as to why darker color carpets are chosen:


1. Dark carpets don't show dirt

The first and foremost advantage of darker color carpets when compared to lighter colored ones is that they don’t get dirty as much. Whatever may be the stain, be it ink stain or coffee stain, they are not easily visible. When you are purchasing the carpet, make sure to purchase one which is thick, as it will absorb most of the stains.

The problem with lighter colored carpets is that once there is a spill or stain either you have to pay a lot to get it cleaned or have to replace it which will cost a lot of money.

2. Dark carpet matches any style of décor

One more advantage is that dark color carpets can fit into any style of décor. As most of the furniture are shades of dark brown, it goes well with a dark-colored carpet with light-colored furnishings. As popularity for dark color carpets is increasing, finding a store that supplies them won’t be a tough job. You can get any shade of carpet by scheduling a free in-home consultation with Express Flooring, and you can get the installation done the same day.

3. Dark carpets last longer

Darker shades of carpet are the best to have if you have kids at home as they tend to make a mess and cleaning it regularly can be a back-breaking job. Dark-colored carpets tend to last longer because of the thickness of the material when compared to light-colored carpets or rugs.

Dark color flooring is a way to brighten your space. Flooring is a very important decision one has to take as it is not an easy task to change it if you don’t like it once it is installed. Therefore it is a good idea if you can get some samples from the flooring store to check and see if it suits well with the rest of the décor and surroundings.

Whatever the color is, you must take care of it and regular maintenance is required to keep it looking new and free from dust and dirt.

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