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Cat-Friendly Carpet Options

February 23, 2024
cat-friendly carpet

Living with Cats: How to Keep Your Floors and Pets Happy with Express Flooring

Having a cat as part of your family and living in your home is lovely. Their gentle purring soothes you, their funny behavior makes you smile, and hearing them walk across the room can be delightful. But sometimes, those cute little paws can do a number on your carpets, turning into miniature digging machines. Anyone who's had a carpet shredded by an enthusiastic cat knows keeping both pets and floors in top shape is tricky.

Still, don't worry yet. If you love both cats and stylish floors, there's hope! At Express Flooring, we understand the unique needs that come with owning cats, and we've got pet-friendly flooring options to help you create a space that looks great and works for your pet, too.

Understanding Cat-Friendly Carpet Criteria

The Trouble Cats Can Make for Carpets

Cats might be light on their feet, but they sure leave a heavy mark on carpets. They scratch, shed hair like confetti, and every now and then, they have accidents. When you're picking out a new carpet, think beyond color and feel; you need something tough enough to stand up to scratching, deal with all that fur, and recover from those occasional little mishaps.

Finding Carpets Tough Enough for Cats and Easy to Keep Clean

So, how do you start picking out a good carpet? Look for these features:
  • Durability: Finding tough materials that can handle cat claws is essential.
  • Ease of cleaning: You'll want carpeting that doesn't hold onto stains and odors.
  • Comfort: Of course, your carpet should be soft enough for both human and feline feet.
Just so you know, you don't have to give up having a nice-looking home to get a cat-proof carpet. At Express Flooring, we've got loads of carpets that not only look fab but are also up to the challenge of living with cats. Let your furry friend unleash their wild side on a carpet that won't fall apart while keeping your place looking sharp.

Express Flooring's Stain-Resistant Carpets

Accidents happen, especially when furry feet are involved. But with Express Flooring's stain-resistant carpets, you can breathe easier knowing your floor can handle life's little messes. We offer a wide range of feline-friendly options that repel stains, resist odors, and make cleanup a breeze, giving you more time for tail-chasing and belly rubs.

Here are some features that make our stain-resistant carpets the ideal match for cat owners:
  • Built-in Protection: When it comes to carpet, you have to treat yourself, many of our products come with built-in stain and odor protection, like SmartStrand's advanced technology that repels liquids at the fiber level. No more frantic spritzing after that surprise puddle!
  • Easy Cleanability: Forget scrubbing on your hands and knees. Our low-maintenance carpets release dirt and debris effortlessly, making vacuuming a quick chore. Some even boast spill-proof backing that prevents liquids from soaking through to the padding, eliminating the risk of mold and mildew.
  • Pet-Specific Solutions: We understand cats bring their unique brand of chaos to the proverbial party. That's why we offer carpets like Mohawk's SmartStrand with permanent stain resistance, even against stubborn pet messes. Goodbye, lingering odors, and hello, fresh-smelling floors!
But before you dive into catnip-worthy colors and patterns, let's take a closer look at some specific Express Flooring options:
  • LifeGuard® by Shaw: This revolutionary carpet boasts 100% waterproof protection, meaning even the most enthusiastic puddle parties won't leave a mark. No more carpet replacement worries, just purr-fect peace of mind.
  • Pet Perfect by Shaw: This collection lives up to its name with features like Anso high-performance fibers that resist wear and tear, R2X technology that repels stains and soil, and LifeGuard spill-proof backing. It's like an invisible fortress for your floors!
  • SoftBac by Shaw: This affordable option delivers exceptional stain resistance and easy cleaning, making it ideal for high-traffic areas like pet-filled living rooms. Plus, the soft backing provides extra comfort for your furry friend's playful leaps.
Remember, your feline friend deserves a comfortable and stylish space to call home. With Express Flooring's stain-resistant carpets, you can create a beautiful and worry-free environment where both you and your cat can relax and enjoy life's little moments.

Pet-Proof Carpet Fibers: Exploring Options

The secret to a long-lasting, cat-friendly carpet lies in its fibers. Choosing the right material means a floor that can withstand playful claws, messy accidents, and endless rounds of the zoomies. So, let's explore the world of pet-proof fibers offered by Express Flooring:
  • Nylon: The king of durability, nylon fibers are tough, abrasion-resistant, and resilient against scratches and wear. They also excel at stain resistance, making them a popular choice for homes with active felines.
  • Polyester: A budget-friendly alternative to nylon, polyester fibers offer good stain resistance and fade-proof qualities. They also tend to be softer underfoot, making them a cozy choice for cat nap lovers.
  • Triexta: This newer fiber is quickly gaining popularity for its superior softness, stain resistance, and easy cleanability. It's also water-resistant, making it an excellent option for households with frequent spills.
  • Olefin: Known for its affordability and vibrant colors, olefin is a good choice for low-traffic areas. However, it can be less stain-resistant than other options and may not hold up as well to playful claws.
  • Wool: While luxurious and naturally stain-resistant, wool can be more expensive and requires special care. It's also not ideal for pet owners with allergies due to its tendency to trap dander.
Ultimately, the best pet-proof fiber for you depends on your needs and budget. Consider factors like traffic level, stain resistance priorities, and your cat's specific habits. Remember, Express Flooring's experts are here to help you find a carpet match made in a cat-lovers heaven.

Cat-Friendly Carpet Installation Tips

Choosing the right cat-friendly carpet is just the first step. Proper installation is vital to creating a floor your furry friend will love (and your wallet will thank you for). Here's how to ensure your new carpet stands up to the playful paws and beautifully complements your feline companion's life:
  • Seamless Transitions: Say goodbye to snagged claws and tripping whiskers! Opt for professional installation that ensures smooth transitions between rooms and eliminates unsightly bumps or gaps.
  • Underpad Prowess: The right underpad acts as a shock absorber for playful pounces and adds a touch of luxurious comfort. Ask your Express Flooring expert about options like memory foam or extra-dense padding that will enhance your cat's playtime and protect your carpet from wear and tear.
  • Maintenance Matters: Regular vacuuming is your best friend (and your carpet's!). Stick to a weekly schedule, focusing on high-traffic areas like the living room and hallways. For stains, act quickly and consult the cleaning instructions specific to your carpet's fibers and treatments.
Remember, proper care extends the life of your cat-friendly carpet, meaning more time for snuggles and less time worrying about replacements.

Visual Appeal: Stylish Options for Cat Owners

Who says cat-friendly carpets have to be boring? At Express Flooring, we believe beautiful floors and happy kitties coexist perfectly. Here's a sneak peek into some stylish, meow-gnificent flooring options that will impress both you and your furry muse:
  • Textural Delights: Embrace the playful nature of your feline friend with carpets that offer subtle textures. Loop and cut pile combinations create visual interest while remaining easy to clean, perfect for those post-zoomie fur tumbleweeds.
  • Color Creations: Don't shy away from color! Darker shades like charcoal or espresso can mask minor scratches and shed fur, while lighter tones like beige or cream create a sense of spaciousness, keeping your home feeling bright and airy for both you and your cat.
  • Pattern Play: Channel your inner interior designer with patterned carpets. Stripes or geometric designs can add a touch of personality, while subtle flecks or tweeds help disguise dirt and fur, making cleanup a breeze.
Remember, choosing a cat-friendly and stylish carpet doesn't have to be a compromise. At Express Flooring, our extensive selection and expert advice will help you find an exceptional balance between feline-friendly functionality and eye-catching design.


Unleash the fun, not the chaos, with cat-friendly floors from Express Flooring.
Living with a cat is a beautiful thing. Still, let's be honest; those mischievous tricks that entertain us endlessly can sometimes leave their mark on our floors. That's where Express Flooring partners with you to create a beautiful and durable floor that can handle the ups and downs of feline life. We covered the challenges cats pose to carpets, from playful claws to unexpected messes. We covered the features of cat-friendly options like stain-resistant fibers, low pile heights, and easy-clean textures. We even covered stylish designs that let you express your inner interior decorator while keeping your floors feline-friendly.

Choosing the right flooring is about more than just aesthetics. It's about creating a space where your cat feels comfortable and playful while giving you peace of mind and a beautiful home to showcase. Express Flooring will provide expert guidance and a vast selection of cat-friendly carpets to achieve this harmonious balance.
Remember, understanding your cat's needs and their impact on your floor is critical. Whether your furry friend is a playful kitten or a regal senior, Express Flooring has the perfect solution for you. Explore our stain-resistant collections, let our flooring experts guide you through fiber options, and discover vibrant designs that make your home as stylish as it is pet-friendly.

Here at Express Flooring, we love pets of all shapes and sizes. We believe every home should be a relaxing and functional space for human and feline companions alike, filled with playful moments and lasting memories. Call Express Flooring today for a FREE consultation and we will bring the store to your door. 

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