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What Flooring is Best for Dogs?

May 31, 2024 Author: Express Flooring
best floor for dogs
Let's face it, dogs bring endless joy into our lives. From their enthusiastic greetings to their unconditional love, they become cherished members of the family. But let's be honest, they can also be little walking messes – muddy paws after a walk, the occasional "accident," and enough fur to knit a sweater. As pet parents, choosing the right flooring is crucial. It needs to be durable enough to withstand playful puppy antics, scratch-resistant against those ever-growing claws, and of course, easy to clean up after life's little mishaps. That's where Express Flooring comes in – your one-stop shop for finding the perfect pet-friendly flooring solution!

Top Contenders: Dog-Friendly Flooring Options

When it comes to flooring for dog owners, several options stand out for their durability, ease of maintenance, and ability to handle the occasional "present." Here are our top picks:

Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP): LVP takes the crown for its exceptional durability. Made with multiple layers, LVP can handle high foot traffic and playful paws without showing signs of wear. It's also scratch-resistant, a lifesaver against those adventurous claws. But the real kicker for dog owners is the waterproof core option available in many LVP lines. Muddy paw prints? No problem. The occasional "accident"? Clean up quickly and the floor bounces back without a trace. Plus, LVP boasts a user-friendly click-lock installation system. If you prefer professional installation, Express Flooring's expert team can ensure a flawless finish. And let's not forget style! LVP comes in a vast array of designs, mimicking the look of natural wood or stone, so you can create a beautiful floor that complements your home d├ęcor.

Tile Flooring: For timeless appeal and unmatched durability, tile flooring is a paw-sitive choice.  Both ceramic and porcelain tiles are incredibly tough, making them virtually impervious to scratches and nicks from playful pups. Cleaning up after pet mishaps is a breeze – simply wipe away messes with a damp mop. However, keep in mind that tile can feel a bit cold underfoot, and grout can stain if not properly sealed.

Hardwood Flooring: The natural beauty and elegance of hardwood floors remain a classic choice for many homeowners. While some may shy away from hardwood with a furry friend, there are scratch-resistant options like hickory or maple that can stand up better to dog claws.  The key is to prioritize regular maintenance and cleaning to minimize scratches and potential water damage from pet accidents.


Going Beyond the Material: Additional Considerations for Dog Owners

Choosing the right flooring material is just the first step. Here are some additional factors to consider for dog-friendly floors:
  • Flooring Texture: Think about your dog's age and mobility. For senior dogs or those with joint problems, textured flooring options (like some LVP or tile varieties) can provide better paw grip and prevent slips.
  • Area Rugs: Strategically placed area rugs offer several benefits. They add a layer of comfort for your furry friend, provide extra traction, and protect high-traffic areas from scratches or wear. Choose washable rugs for easy cleaning of muddy paw prints or pet accidents.
  • Easy Maintenance: Let's face it, pet ownership comes with its fair share of messes.  Choosing easy-to-clean flooring makes life easier.  Opt for floors that can be swept, mopped, or vacuumed with minimal effort to keep pet hair, dirt, and dander under control.

Express Flooring: Your Partner in Pet-Friendly Flooring Solutions

At Express Flooring, we understand the unique needs of pet parents. That's why we offer a wide selection of dog-friendly flooring options, including LVP, tile, and scratch-resistant hardwood varieties. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you navigate the different materials and styles to find the perfect flooring solution for your furry friend and your lifestyle. Browse our extensive online selection!


Q: What is the most durable flooring for dogs?

A: Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) is a great choice for its exceptional durability, scratch resistance, and waterproof core option (in some varieties). Tile flooring, particularly ceramic and porcelain, is another highly durable option.

Q: What type of flooring is easiest to clean up after dogs?

A: LVP, tile, and some hardwood options are all easy to clean. They can be swept, mopped, or vacuumed effortlessly to remove pet hair, dirt, and debris.

Q: Is there a flooring option that helps with dog traction?

A: Textured flooring options like some LVP or tile varieties provide better paw grip for dogs, especially helpful for senior pups or those with joint issues. Area rugs can also add an extra layer of traction for your furry friend.

Q: Will hardwood floors get scratched by dogs?

A: While any flooring can be scratched, some hardwood options are more scratch-resistant than others. Hickory and maple are good choices for dog owners due to their natural hardness.  Regular maintenance and cleaning are crucial to minimize scratches on any hardwood floor.

Q: What flooring options are best for hiding pet hair?

A: Flooring with a busy pattern or texture can help camouflage pet hair. Look for LVP or tile with a textured or patterned surface. Avoid dark-colored flooring, as pet hair will be more noticeable.  Regular vacuuming remains key to managing pet hair, regardless of the flooring choice.


Living with Your Dog in Harmony: Beyond Flooring

Choosing the right flooring is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating a dog-friendly home. Here are some additional tips for living harmoniously with your furry companion:
  • Regular Grooming: Brushing your dog regularly helps minimize shedding and reduces the amount of fur on your floors.
  • Proper Training: Housetraining is essential to avoid accidents on your new floors. Positive reinforcement training methods are key to success.
  • Provide Scratching Alternatives: Offer your dog designated scratching posts or mats to redirect their scratching behavior away from furniture or flooring.
  • Regular Carpet Cleaning: If you have carpets in your home, regular professional cleaning helps remove pet hair, dander, and allergens.
By combining the perfect pet-friendly flooring with these additional tips, you can create a beautiful and comfortable home that you and your furry friend can enjoy for years to come. Request a free estimate from Express Flooring today and let our experts help you find the pawfect flooring solution for your needs!