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Helpful Tips to Keep Your Tile Floors Clean

March 30, 2021
Clean tile flooring in a gorgeous Arizona home
Tile flooring is known for its outstanding lifespan, which can easily surpass more than 50 years with proper maintenance and impressive durability that helps it reach that lengthy lifespan. We know that keeping your tile clean is an important issue, so we’re going to offer some tips on just how to do that.

Your options to keep tile flooring in top shape

Tile is known for its fantastic ability to withstand heavy traffic, dampness, spills, and more, but keeping these floors clean is an essential part of the maintenance regimen that keeps these floors looking and functioning so well. It’s not hard to do and takes very little time.

1. Remove loose dirt

The first step is to clean up loose dirt and debris using a broom or vacuum cleaner. You can also help alleviate this step by using runners and area rugs, which can work to trap and hold debris, keeping it from ever reaching your floors in the first place.

2. Use microfiber mop

The next step is to use a microfiber mop to clean the surface. It’s crucial to ensure the cleaner you choose is safe for both tile surfaces and the grout between them.

3. Don't use acid-based cleaners

To remove tile stains, don’t use cleaners that contain acids, such as vinegar or lemon-based products. Go for a cleanser that offers a neutral pH and has no abrasives at all.

We’re here for all your tile flooring needs

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