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Tips to Protect Hardwood Flooring by Reducing Humidity

June 06, 2023
Water-resistant hardwood flooring in a San Antonio, TX home
Humidity is not a friend of hardwood flooring, so ensuring as little humidity as possible where wood floors are installed is vital. The more you know about this requirement, the better prepared you can be, so here are some facts that will help with your hardwood remodel.

Humidity removal in various ways

  • Acclimate flooring: The first and most important way to deal with humidity when working with hardwood flooring is to ensure successful acclimation. This service can last one to three days and works to provide an equalized level of moisture between your flooring and the environment into which wood floors will be installed.
  • Run a Dehumidifier: However, there are other reasons to be careful with humidity to ensure flooring that doesn't buckle, warp, or crack, well after installation. For example, in cases where there has been a spill or flooding, it could be necessary to run a dehumidifier until all dampness and humidity are gone.
  • Area rugs: Area rugs and runners can be a great addition to your home, especially in the hallway, where damp footprints can leave extra moisture and humidity. Since this space isn't usually well-aerated, avoiding a humidity buildup with hardwood flooring can be more critical.

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