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Here’s Your Brief Tile Flooring Guide

August 30, 2021
Tile flooring installation in a Phoenix, AZ home
Choosing the perfect tile flooring can be an exciting adventure, thanks to a vast selection of appearance and performance options that can cover all your needs and preferences. We are here today to help you focus on some of the essential options first, to make the best choices possible for your home and family.

Ceramic and porcelain tile offer many options

Ceramic and porcelain tile offer many similar characteristics, including stunning visuals, outstanding performance, and a lifespan that can easily exceed 50 years or more when properly maintained. However, porcelain is fired at much higher temperatures than ceramic and offers more density, durability, and lower permeability for better water resistance.

Porcelain also offers a through-body color scheme that can help hide scratches, scuffs, and chips. In addition, ceramic tiles are often covered with a beautiful, bright glaze color that works well to create unique designs and mosaics for your home and requirements.

Be sure to choose options that cater to your in-house traffic levels and requirements for d├ęcor-matching or building. Knowing that you may never have to replace these floors can make it an easy choice, especially if you need a long-lasting floor in your child or pet-friendly home.

Find out how we can help with your tile flooring

Express Flooring offers you the incredible convenience of a mobile showroom, eliminating the anxiety, hassle, and frustration of trying to choose the perfect shop for your needs. Instead, we bring the materials and services right to your door, working on a schedule that genuinely works for you.

We are based in Arizona and Texas, and we proudly service the Phoenix area, including Scottsdale, Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale, Peoria, Tempe, and more. If you need assistance choosing the perfect porcelain or ceramic tiles, be sure to reach out to us for more information at your convenience.