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How To Choose Flooring For Your Child’s Bedroom

June 23, 2020
Looking to find flooring for your children’s bedroom? There are a lot of kids flooring options but you have to be careful while choosing for kids as they come across a lot of problems like slips, drops, spills and heavy foot traffic. You have to go for something that is durable but in the same way, if a child slips and falls necessary arrangements have to be taken care of.

Another important aspect you have to worry about is that the flooring you choose serves the purpose for now and for later when the child is all grown up. It is therefore very important that enough research is done before determining what flooring you choose for a child.

We know how stressful it is to choose so we have done the research for you and have come across some child bedroom flooring options for your kid’s bedroom. Below you can read about the options and choose the best for your child.

Flooring Options for Your Child’s Bedroom:


This is the first flooring option that comes to one’s mind when choosing the kid’s room flooring options. If the kids are the kind who sit and play on the floors, carpets are the best option as they are very comfortable. The best option if you have small children is to go for carpets with a small pattern as this will help cover the stains from the everyday spills. The carpets with small loops also work wonders in the kid’s room as this kind of carpet doesn’t accumulate dust or dirt.


With kids around, your flooring tends to get used more, so you have to look for a flooring option that is not expensive and that which is easy to install. Laminate flooring is a good option considering all the above points; they are durable and are also resistant to scratches. Laminate floors make a good option for kid’s bedroom. Even if it gets dull and looks worn out, it is easy to change your floors without an issue with the cost.


Solid hardwood floors are another option for a kid’s bedroom as they are strong and can be refinished. Even if there is too much foot traffic or they play rough with cars or bikes, you can restore the old look by just polishing your floors. Go green products like the bamboo floors or cork flooring also are a good option and this will also teach your kid’s the concept of eco-friendly stuff and its importance.

Vinyl planks:

Another option is to go for vinyl planks considering that they are strong, easy to maintain and it is an anti allergen product. They are safe for kids.

Finding the best floors is a tough job as you have to consider, the age of your child, how your child plays and how much time he/she spends in the room. If the child is in a crawling stage you have to go for something that is smooth and soft like a carpet. And once they grow, you need to find flooring that is strong and can withstand heavy foot traffic. Whatever you choose, you must not forget that they will outgrow the flooring, so you have to choose what you like and what they will be comfortable in.