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How to Select Indoor-Outdoor Carpet

June 22, 2020
f you want durable and comfortable carpeting for your exterior areas of the house, consider buying Indoor-outdoor carpet as it is an attractive option for the outdoor areas. There are so many varieties of colors and textures now available in the market. Any DIY-er can easily finish the installation in one day. Before choosing the best indoor-outdoor carpet for your home, plan where you want to put it, because it should impact the color and design of the surroundings. Carpet is yet softer than any other flooring options for the outdoor areas. However before buying an Indoor-outdoor carpet follow the below tips to opt for a good one.

Few important factors are to be considered to select Indoor-Outdoor carpet:

  • For the areas that are fully exposed to weather or prone to dampness, select the carpet that has the Rubber Marine Backing to resist the moisture.
  • Choose the carpet flooring material made from UV-resistant olefin fibers to make your job easy as they are easy to clean, do not fade and are stain resistant as well.
  • When selecting the carpet, do the test by touching the carpet. Feel the carpet thickness and keep in mind, the thicker the carpet is, the higher the durability will be.
  • Indoor-outdoor carpet should also withstand the sunlight, nowadays many types of high-quality carpets are available which are resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays.
  • Make sure to select the carpet you buy is worthy enough and is resistant to all the stains and should be able to stand up well with the foot traffic.
  • Color options for Indoor-outdoor carpets are endless, but it can easily match with almost any outdoor design element.
  • It is recommended to choose a carpet that features a backing to protect the carpet from moisture, especially if the area you live has a lot of rainfall. It will help to reduce the risk of mold and mildew.
  • Carpeting is to provide a comfortable, soft surface for you to walk over or sit on. Do not think that carpet for the outdoors should be much stiffer than the carpets designed specifically for inside the home. You should select the fairly soft carpet based on its durability.
  • It is recommended to pay the same attention when selecting the design and color of your Indoor-outdoor carpet as you would do to any other type of flooring. Because the outdoor carpets also should complement its surroundings, whether it will be placed indoors or out.
  • Select the Accent Carpets to the areas next to the pools, under the cabana and in the garages as they are long-lasting materials and are resistant to saltwater even if you are using it nearer to a beach.

Choosing indoor-outdoor carpeting for the home does have many advantages. The main advantage is the cost because the indoor-outdoor carpet is appreciably cheaper than the hardwood pieces and other flooring types. Explore some good design retailers as there are plenty of options like colors, patterns, etc to select from. Indoor-outdoor carpet is very easy to DIY installation and does not require any professionals.