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Is It Important To Match Your Hardwood Flooring With Cabinetry?

May 10, 2023
Color coordinating cabinets and hardwood flooring in a Phoenix, AZ kitchen
Matching hardwood flooring and cabinetry in the kitchen can be one of the most critical facets of your remodeling experience, especially if the cabinets are made of wood. However, the rule of thumb is to mix but not match them.

Mix or match your finishes?

Having the same color or style of cabinets as hardwood floors will overwhelm or wash out the space with adverse effects. But mixing options that look good with one another will have much better results, such as adding light cabinetry to dark hardwood materials.

Coordination is the key and works well for cabinetry and hardwood flooring in Phoenix, AZ, in various spaces, with no hard and fast rules for what works best. At this point, you can choose options that best cater to your specific requirements for results that will serve you well, especially over time.

One of the best combinations is a light blended with a dark, and it doesn't matter which is which. We'll help you choose features that combine well so that one does not overwhelm the other. Contrasting textures and hues can also create a kind of hardwood flooring accent space in one piece or the other. But, again, this method works exceptionally well if you opt for a neutral surface for either component.

We have the wood floors you need

Express Flooring has everything you need for the best flooring services, with shop-at-home opportunities that make choosing the perfect products easy. We understand your products should look good in your home, so showroom visuals aren't that important.

When you’re ready to get your process underway, feel free to contact us for a mobile showroom appointment at a time that works for you for the best hardwood flooring. Our Phoenix service areas include Scottsdale, Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale, Peoria, Tempe, and more, and we look forward to earning your business too.