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Mohawk’s Air.o Carpets [Unified Soft Flooring]

June 22, 2020
For hundreds of years, Mohawk has been proven to serve only the best carpets to homeowners. Ever since they laid out their first carpet in 1878, they have continued to make revolutionary product innovation and award-winning design. Mohawk has been giving high-quality carpets fit for various kinds of lifestyle.

Today, as a testament to their dedication to delivering highly innovative carpets, Mohawk presents to you their Air.o Carpet Floors. Mohawk Air.o Carpets gives consumers a revolutionary alternative to traditional carpet. Retailers will also find during the Air.o Carpeting installation process an easy-to-install as well as an easy-to-service product.

So without further ado, let us get to know Mohawk Air.o Carpets:

What is Air.o?

Air.o Carpet Floors is made of 100% PET fiber. It features a simple, two-part design that is unified by a single polymer. The fiber is constructed on a premium cushioned backing through an innovative and tension-free process. As a result, Mohawk Air.o carpets are dimensionally stable flooring options that will not wrinkle or delaminate. Furthermore, it is very easy and fast to install.

How is Air.o Different from Traditional Carpets?

Consumers and retailers alike will find Air.o Carpet Floors absolutely refreshing as compared to traditional carpets available around for the following reasons:

Unified soft flooring – Mohawk Air.o Carpets remove away the required separate cushion of traditional carpets. Instead, it has an integrated premium felt pads that protect subfloors and softens each step.

Lay flat, stays flat – Unlike traditional carpets; the unified construction of Air.o effectively eliminates imperfections like buckling and wrinkling.

No ‘new carpet smell’ –For retailers and consumers who continually have to experience the strong scent of new carpet smell, they will absolutely take delight with Air.o. Treated with Mohawk’s Fresh Carpet Technology, Air.o continually purifies the home by neutralizing odors. Also, moisture cannot be absorbed into the fiber, backing or cushion—a significant factor in reducing odor in the home.

Overall, people who will choose Mohawk Air.o carpets will appreciate the hassle-free, no-surprise aspect of Air.o carpet. There will be no need to get the required additional cushion, no need to tack-strip at edges to snag socks, and no power stretching or seaming iron. Air.o carpeting is very easy to handle due to its softness and flexibility.

The Top 5 Benefits

If you think those above are all there is to Mohawk Air.o carpets, then you are wrong. Aside from those, here are the top 5 benefits both consumers and retailers will get from Air.o:


Mohawk’s Air.o is a great carpet to reduce the risk of getting allergic reactions. This hypoallergenic quality is due to its fibers’ inability to absorb moisture. This helps prevent the growth of allergens and microbes.


Not only are Air.o carpet floors hypoallergenic, but it is also very clean. Its unified construction provides better airflow, causing it to release more dust and dirt with each vacuum than those carpets with traditional padding.

Fresh air:

Furthermore, Air.o carpets produce fresh air. Air.o’s carpet fiber is created using advanced polymers. With no latex or harmful VOCs, your hypoallergenic carpet is safe and odor-free.

Recyclable flooring:

To produce those qualities above, one has to be made clean as well. That is why let us appreciate how Air.o carpet is a recyclable flooring option. Air.o is known to slowly change the soft flooring industry by diverting waste from landfills. Unlike traditional carpet, Air.o is engineered with just one material making it the only 100% recyclable flooring available. Air.o is definitely the smart soft flooring choice that is not only good for your home but the environment also.

Easy installation:

Finally, to conclude this, Mohawk Air.o carpet has generated favorable responses from retailers about the simplicity and easiness of its installation. With Air.o carpet floors, retailers found that they have reduced the challenges of related labor. The time it takes to install has gone down by 25% and has eliminated 100% of the complexity. Tricky installation steps are eliminated, which reduces hours and the equipment needed during the actual installation process. As a result, retailers will have an increase in their productivity and grow their top-line sales.

To show you how easy it is to install Mohawk’s Air.o, here are the steps below

  • Place and position Mohawk Air.o in the room to be installed while making sure that it is flat and tension free.
  • A knee kicker is to be used for positioning only.
  • Mohawk Air.o should be installed in a consistent pile direction. This can be determined in several ways. One of the most recommended, however, is the pencil and paper test: To perform this test.
  • Take a standard sheet of paper and place a round object such as a pencil at the center.
  • Roll the pencil back and forth. This will cause the paper to walk in the direction of the pile.
  • Seaming – the seams must be straight-edged from the back. Mohawk Air.o should never be row cut. Take care to mark locations of the seam.
  • The use of Mohawk branded adhesive, or tape is required to ensure optimum results and is the only approved adhesive or tape that Mohawk will warrant. Failure to use Mohawk branded adhesive or tapes can result in warranties being null and void.

  • Fold Mohawk Air.o to allow for the application of adhesive or tape.
  • The tape is to be applied around the perimeter of the room within ½ inch of any vertical abutment and in all seams. The use of tape in all seams is required in order to maintain coverage under the Mohawk Air.o warranty. Be sure to smooth the tape, removing all air bubbles.
  • Unfold Mohawk Air.o into the adhesive or tape starting from the seam edges, making sure that the seam edges are not gapped or overlapped.
  • Then press or tractor the seams. Seams do not require sealing with Mohawk Air.o.
  • To trim the Mohawk Air.o at the wall, use a razor blade knife or any suitable trimmer. If transitions are taller than the Mohawk Air.o attached cushion, then the Mohawk Air.o is to be trimmed and tucked. If the transition is shorter than the Mohawk Air.o attached cushion, then appropriate molding should be used to protect the edges.

Other Sustainable Solutions from Mohawk

Mohawk’s continuous passion and drive to offer the best and high-quality products have given birth to some of the following sustainable solutions and innovations.


SmartStrand carpets are made with DuPont Sorona fiber. This is a PTT polymer (polytrimethylene terephthalate) that is recognized by the Federal Trade Commission in 2009 as a separate subclass of fiber known as triexta. This most advanced fiber innovation makes SmartStrand carpets of highest level of beauty, comfort, and performance among the available carpets around. Here are some of its benefits:

Exceptional durability:

SmartStrand’s performs extremely well. It has a high resilience that Mohawk is very confident to back it by a claim with warranties that ranges from 15 to 25 years for texture retention, abrasive wear, and fade resistance. Mohawk even introduced The SmartStrand Challenge, which is a durability test that goes beyond the traditional one. During this test, the SmartStrand carpet is placed under various situations and then is observed under extreme conditions. Through this, Mohawk has demonstrated not only the carpet’s durability but its cleanliness as well.

Variety of style options:

With its exceptional durability, Mohawk is very confident to provide a variety of style options that can be well preserved. SmartStrand features a wide selection that ranges from thick, plush styles in various qualities, to geometric cut and loop patterns. It also carries several looped Berber styles. Most of the styles in the collection are contemporary, without being too trendy (although there are some very trendy styles as well) so there is little concern that the carpet will be seen as outdated in the near future. There is also an excellent color selection provided by SmartStrand.

Stain resistance:

SmartStrand is probably the only carpet with permanent, built-in stain and soil protection that won’t wear or wash off. It also features a lifetime stain and soil warranty. You can easily clean it with only the use of water no matter what the stain is—be it one of the carpet’s worst enemies like red wine, mustard, bleach, and pet accidents.

The stain protection feature successfully does this since it is built into the fiber instead of being sprayed on after production. So it is very permanent and will never wash or wear off. Furthermore, the fiber is also fade resistant, so there is no need to worry about leaving it under direct exposure to sunlight.

  • 0% Moisture Absorption
  • With this, SmartStrand carpets reduce the musty and dingy odors.
  • All Pet Protection and Warranty
  • Certified Free of Harmful Substances

This quality makes SmartStrand very good and healthy for the home and the environment. It is eco-friendly and is often called the “corn carpet” for the reason that it is 37% made from corn glucose, which replaces the typical petroleum ingredients.

Soft fiber:

SmartStrand carpets are made from very fine carpet strands. This makes it softer than traditional carpet fibers and includes it as part of the new generation of soft fiber carpets.


EverStrand is also one of the proud gems of Mohawk. It represents the perfect balance between value and beauty with the convenience of a stain-free carpet that is easy to clean. EverStrand is made using patented Continuum™, the ultimate innovation in PET carpet. Here are its benefits:

Range of amazing style and color:

EverStrand is also offered in a range of amazing style and color. With Mohawk being a leader in high-quality PET for more than 30 years, they have demonstrated its leadership abilities through the unlimited styling and color options offered in EverStrand carpets. Through patented yarn and fiber breakthroughs, Mohawk is able to make EverStrand carpets with premium bulk, style and color clarity at an affordable price.

Scotchgard™ protector advanced repel technology:

This technology in EverStrand works for long-lasting stain and soul protection Scotchgard™ Protector Advanced Repel Technology adds an extra layer of protection against stains and soiling to ensure your carpet looks clean and beautiful.

Premium recycled content:

Being true to Mohawk’s dedication to providing green products and processes, EverStrand carpets are made from recycled plastic bottles. These bottles also serve to actually create a stronger yarn than other PET. Through our patented Continuum™ process, Mohawk makes the strongest PET yarn while at the same time contributing to a cleaner planet.

Soft appeal:

EverStrand is made with a remarkable premium soft PET. This gives consumers carpets with an exceptional softness to create a cozy, comfortable and eco-friendly room. EverStrand Soft Appeal is the perfect choice for families looking to balance a comfortable carpet with a comfortable budget.

Forever fresh:

Finally, another one amazing offering from Mohawk is their Forever Fresh. Forever fresh is made from fresh carpet technology for a pure, clean home. And since it is a natural, nontoxic product, Forever Fresh is safe for you, your kids, and your pets while enjoying the following benefits:

Premium Soft PET fiber:

Premium Soft PET fiber works to provide the ultimate comfort.

Natural, nontoxic odor-reducing technology:

This keeps your home smelling fresh. Fresh Carpet Technology utilizes Zeolite, a naturally-occurring mineral, to neutralize household odors. This natural, nontoxic technology keeps your carpet and home smelling fresh.

Mohawk’s Patented Continuum Process

Mohawk’s Patented Continuum Process helps ensure your carpets start clean and stars clean. This is the ultimate innovation in PET carpet, which provides the best in its ability to be cleaned and perform. It exhibits the following:

  • Cleaner Process – Continuum provides a stronger, better PET polymer
  • Cleaner Product – Continuum removes the oily lubricants that can cause other PET carpets to become dingy over time
  • Cleaner Planet – Continuum is made with up to 100% Home post-consumer recycled content

Absolutely environment-friendly:

Forever Fresh is made of 100% recyclable content.

Premium spill and soil protection:

Another trademark of Mohawk is their premium spill and soil protection attached to their carpets, and Forever Fresh is definitely one of them. So you need not worry about having any permanent marks. The look and appearance of your carpet will remain fresh looking.