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The Types of Vinyl Floors -All You Need To Know

June 22, 2020
Vinyl flooring and its types are one of the most popular flooring types either at an office or at residential buildings. This is because of their high add-on value and cost-effective nature, along with better quality flooring types. Vinyl flooring is flexible and versatile as they come in different colors and styles and vinyl installation is also very easy. 

While choosing the right vinyl flooring option we got to consider what’s the rooms’ main function? What is the decor like and so on?

Basically, there are 2 choices of vinyl flooring and they are:

Inland vinyl flooring- It refers to the vinyl flooring, when color granules are embedded into the vinyl sheet, and they give the vinyl a deeper look. Inland vinyl flooring provides the option of many colors.

Printed vinyl flooring – In this vinyl flooring, a pattern or color is printed directly onto the vinyl. This type of vinyl flooring is made to look like other expensive vinyl flooring and thus is popular among homes. There are options for multiple patterns in vinyl flooring. Along with this, the printed vinyl installation is also quite easy, as it is a DIY project.

Like most flooring, the vinyl flooring comes in different shapes and sizes. The vinyl flooring comes in different kinds of vinyl sheet flooring, vinyl tile flooring, and vinyl plank flooring.

  1. The vinyl sheet flooring – The vinyl sheet flooring is most suited or ideal for moisture-prone areas like bathrooms or mudrooms. Unlike the other flooring, the vinyl sheet flooring is expensive but is usually 6 to 12 feet, which makes it nearly seamless for vinyl installation at homes.
  2. The vinyl plank flooring – vinyl plank flooring is very demanding almost for all house owners, as it has a great added and return value due to its durability and dirt resistant nature.  Vinyl plank flooring imitates the look of hardwood. Vinyl plank flooring is relatively less expensive and the vinyl installation is so easy that the vinyl plank floor can be installed directly above the subfloor.
  3. The vinyl tile flooring – The vinyl tile flooring gives a look similar to that of marble or another classically tiled flooring. This type of vinyl installation is relatively easy and gives an attractive look to the new room.
There are 3 types of wear layer finishes for vinyl flooring which is the main component that makes a vinyl floor stronger along with its wide range of colors and patterns. They are:-

  1. Grade1 finish – it’s the thickest layer
  2. Grade2 finish – it’s the next thickest sealant layer for medium traffic areas
  3. Grade3 finish – it’s for rooms with the least traffic.

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