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Vinyl Plank Flooring Cleaning & Maintenance

July 22, 2020
Perfectly clean and maintained vinyl plank flooring in Tucson, AZ
While vinyl plank cleaning and maintenance is simple, you should know that most vinyl flooring today comes with a clear polyurethane finish that creates sheen. Some cleaners that you find in supermarket aisles can dull the floor and give it a yellowish tint. It will be a mess that you'll have to strip off, not an easy or pleasant job!

Mop with manufacturer-approved cleaners

Be sure to mop vinyl plank flooring only with a manufacturer-approved cleaner. When cleaning vinyl plank floors use a damp, not a soaked, mop. Keep in mind that while the vinyl planks, themselves, are waterproof, subfloors and the areas between the joists are not. If water seeps between them, it will wreak havoc by damaging the subfloor and maybe even making the plank edges curl up.

Can you shine vinyl plank floors?

If your vinyl floors seem dull, an expert will advise a sealant, not a waxy, shine-promoting cleaner.

Sweep your floors often

Regular (daily, if possible) sweeping is important, so dirt and sand won’t embed. Dirt and sand can act like little razor blades even sandpaper that can remove the finish and scratch the floor. They’ll also always look dirty, no matter how often you mop.

Prevention is always better than treatment

Don’t let dirt inside in the first place. Use mats by all entryways. If asphalt chemicals are dragged in on the soles of your shoe they can yellow the floor.

Other ways to protect your floor:

  • Put protective furniture pads on the bottom of appliances so they don't rest directly on the floor and cause dents.
  • Use felt instead of rolling casters; the latter can scratch.
  • If you have to move appliances, do so on a plywood path. Walk the appliances through on the plywood, not the floor.
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