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What is [rustic grade] wood flooring? How it is beneficial?

June 23, 2020
Hardwood flooring is becoming popular because it adds more value to properties than any other flooring. It is not only a natural and luxurious flooring solution, but it is easy to maintain if installed in the right areas. An important decision for wood flooring installation is the grade of the wood for aesthetic preferences. When you are selecting a grade of wood flooring for your home or business, you need to keep in mind the construction type, the installation requirements, the style, the color and much more.

Among all the grades for wood flooring installation, rustic grade wood floors are the most natural form of wood. It is also known as a CD grade that is characterized by mineral streaks, a large number of knots and wide variation of colors. Also, these are manufactured by outer parts of timber planks or trunk, so it is the perfect choice if you are looking for a superb character flooring for your home.

Benefits of rustic grade wood floors are:

Dynamic look

Rustic grade wood floors are made up of carefully selected materials to achieve a certain look which is not possible with any other type of grade. This flooring doesn’t look uniform, which is a unique feature that is not found in any of the other grades. Due to a large number of knots, there is wide variation in color. Express Flooring has almost all the color shades with the most distinctive looks.

Value for money

Rustic hardwood flooring is relatively cheap compared to other grades. At Express Flooring, you will get all the ranges of this hardwood flooring in different colors and textures. If you are on a budget, rustic grade wood floors are an excellent way to cut down the cost of flooring.

Built-in character

From knots to holes, this is what gives character to your wood flooring installation. Rustic grade wood floors have the capability to bring warmth and personality to any space. It enables you to achieve the most authentic look for your house. Express Flooring will provide you the best flooring options with a free lifetime installation warranty included with whatever type of flooring you choose.

Hardwood flooring is a great addition to your home. It not only adds warmth, beauty, and style but also increases the value of any property. Wood flooring installation could be expensive, but with rustic grade wood floors, you can save a lot of cash without any compromises while still providing the most elegant look for your home or office."