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Garage Flooring Options – Top 5 Recommended Options

June 23, 2020
A person hardly recognizes the flooring importance for garages. The flooring of garage generally undergoes high pressure due to the heavy vehicle movements. The floors get stained easily making the entire surroundings look unattractive. Planning for garage flooring is as important as planning flooring for your home. You can utilize garage as another room in your home. Not all flooring options available in the market are suitable for garages. Resilient, hard, and durable flooring that can withstand any weather and resistant to stains is recommended for garages as flooring options.

Top 5 Recommended Flooring Options for Garages

1. Polished Concrete Flooring – The Best of All
Polished concrete flooring is the best option for garages. Concrete flooring is generally hard and resilient. They can perform under high pressure without any wear and tear. Concrete floors are less priced and are easily available for customers with low budgets. Polished concrete surfaces look graceful and elegant that compliments the entire semblance. Polished concrete finishes are generally stain-resistant and easy to clean making it the best option for garage flooring.

2. Epoxy Flooring – The Smart and Feasible Option
Epoxy flooring is quite feasible and a smart choice for existing flooring. Epoxy is a tough and long-lasting coating that can be used on any flooring. It can be used on concrete floors; stone floors any floor to increase its performance and durability of your garage floor. Epoxy flooring is available in many attractive colors and can be cleaned easily. Before trying to go for epoxy make sure your subfloors are resistant to moisture and no dampness is observed. Epoxy is not suitable for the floors that absorb moisture.

3. Rubber Tile Flooring – Easy to Install or DIY Option
Rubber tiles are available like flexible mats and tiles. This type of flooring can be easily installed and is a good option for DIYers. Rubber floor tiles are flexible and come in attractive interlocking patterns to provide extra strength and stability to the floors. These are mostly available in the dimensions of 12×12 inches or 24×24 inches. Rubber tile flooring requires less maintenance and can be cleaned easily. The most feasible option at a reasonable price is rubber tiles. They can withstand any climatic conditions. These floors can be installed on any sub-floors especially concrete floors.

4. Vinyl Flooring – For Low Traffic Garages
Selecting vinyl flooring for garages is not at all a wrong choice. If your garage doesn’t face much traffic and heavy pressure then enhanced Urethane coated vinyl tile flooring is the best option. These tiles are flexible and comfortable. You can enhance a unique look to your garage by picking the multiple color shades and attractive vinyl composite tile flooring available in the market. Vinyl flooring requires very little upkeep and cleaning is extremely easy and comfortable with the cleaning agents available at home.

5. Stone Flooring – Excellent but Expensive Option
Stone flooring like sandstone, graphite, and flagstone are excellent choices for garages but are a bit expensive. Stone flooring is extremely cold in winters hence considering your budget and local climatic conditions are vital before going for stone flooring for your garage. Stone flooring is resilient and extremely hard and available in eye-catchy designs and pleasant colors.

Garages flooring performance is dependent not only on flooring choice but also on its maintenance. What floor do you have in your garage? Let us know in the comment section below.