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Hardwood Flooring: How to Avoid Moisture Damage

July 07, 2023
Hardwood Flooring
One of the reasons homeowners often avoid hardwood flooring in Tucson, AZ, is the potential for water damage, especially if you have spaces prone to spills and dampness. The good news is there are ways to protect your wood floors so you can enjoy them for the full spectrum of their lifespan potential.

Tips for avoiding hardwood flooring moisture damage

1. Choose the right hardwood option for you

It's essential to start by choosing a hardwood species that caters to your specific location, though geographical positioning doesn't protect you from all moisture. For instance, engineered wood flooring is a great option that is stable and less likely to expand and contract with increases and decreases in humidity.

2. Maintain the humidity level in your home

Hardwood flooring acclimation and maintaining a constant humidity level in your home is another way to prevent possible damage that often happens as humidity levels rise and fall. Areas that are too damp or dry can cause problems, so ensuring an average level is crucial for the performance of your flooring.

3. Clean up spills immediately and don't use mops

If spills and leaks are your primary concern, remember to clean them up as soon as they happen and work to prevent them as much as possible. Never use wet mops or steam cleaners on wood floors, as it forces moisture and pressure into the flooring, which can create another level of damage and lead to the necessity for early replacement.

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