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Should I Be Concerned About Lifespan With Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

April 30, 2022
Durable vinyl plank flooring in a Las Vegas, NV home
When you choose luxury vinyl flooring, you'll find it comes with outstanding benefits. And one of those benefits is a very useful lifespan.

While these floors don't last as long as hardwood or natural stone, they often outlast others. These materials can last over 20 years with professional installation and regular care.

Why the long lifespan?

As with any flooring, you can customize these materials to your specifications. For example, for high traffic areas, add a thicker wear layer for increased durability.

It's easy to create a vinyl tile or vinyl plank flooring that fits all your needs, including lifespan. And we're here to help answer all your questions to reach that solution easier.

The best way to maintain LVP floors

Maintenance also plays a crucial role in creating the most extended lifespan. It helps to keep your floors performing as they should for years.

Sweep up loose debris and follow with a damp mop. And you can add protection with rugs and runners in extreme traffic areas.

Added benefits you'll love

It's hard to get the most from your floors if water damage is a threat. But with luxury vinyl flooring, you'll have complete waterproof protection for life.

As long as your floors are in place, dampness, humidity, and spills are never issues. These floors can even survive flood conditions.

Find your luxury vinyl floors today

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