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Tips on How to Dye Carpet

June 18, 2020
Carpets lose some of its shine with the passing of years and it embarrasses you a lot when you have a lot of visitors seeing your home with faded and stain-covered carpets. But with the advanced technologies, there are several methods available in the market that can make them visually more appealing. Full carpet dyeing or spot-dyeing can either fully change the carpet color or can restore the faded color at an appreciably lower price than the carpet replacement price. Carpet dyeing can be either done to all the carpets in the home, single room or to cover small stains like red wine or bleach and etc.

Follow the below tips to make the carpet dyeing easy in an economical way:

Things Needed:
  1. Tape
  2. Brush
  3. Carpet shampoo
  4. Carpet dye
  5. Carpet shampooer
  6. Spray bottle
  7. Scrap piece of carpet

Tips on dyeing of the carpet :

  • Check the type of carpet material before carpet dyeing, because the dye does not penetrate a few types of carpets like thick and stain-resistant carpets. If your carpet is made up of wool or nylon, dyeing of the carpet is an effective way to make it look new again and to can extend its life.
  • Choose the color of dye and remember to select the darker colors because home carpet dyeing is more effective only when you choose any darker color than the original color of the old carpet or if the carpet has stains on it, it is better to opt for the darker color than the stain color to see the best results.
  • Begin this procedure by moving all the furniture from the selected area that you wish to dye.
  • Before proceeding to dye your carpet, make sure to clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner, by paying some special attention to all the narrow corners.
  • Apply stain remover chemicals and scrub away the stains or dirt with the use of sponge or scrub brush or with a washcloth vigorously.
  • Now shampoo the carpet and allow it to dry completely and if possible clean the carpet as many times as possible because it makes the carpet to absorb dye more evenly.
  • Once the carpeted area is free from dust, test the colored dye on a small space of carpeted area to check if it is the right color and if it is absorbing the dye properly.
  • Make use of the painter’s tape to seal off your walls and any other areas you wish to protect from the dye.
  • Mix the dye with warm water and pour the mixed dye into the spray bottle and spray it on the carpet thoroughly. Gently rub the sprayed dye into the carpet areas with the use of a stiff cleaning brush.
  • Wipe off the splashes on the walls as soon as possible, even if you have covered them properly with tape.
  • Allow the carpet to dry for a day to set in or for the required time specified on the packaging products.
  • Finally, you can remove the painter’s tape and bring back the furniture into the room.

If homeowners are planning to sell a house, it's a good idea to get the carpet dyed because it can change the look of the old faded carpets and can add the resale value. Carpet dyeing is also popular for large hotels to change the decor of the hotels. But make sure to consider a qualified professional local company carpet installer with a history of proven results for dyeing the carpet because it's difficult get right the first time.