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What are Random Width Planks in Hardwood?

December 17, 2021
Mixed-width hardwood flooring in an Austin, TX home
There’s nothing quite like hardwood flooring to ensure complete peace of mind with visual appeal, durability, and lifespan benefits you can genuinely enjoy for years to come. Of course, it's a perfect floor covering if you don't want to shop for flooring any time in the coming years as well, so read more about the material right here in today’s post.

Your perfect hardwood flooring is closer than you think

You can customize hardwood to your precise requirements by choosing your favorite wood species, stain color, texture, and installation layout, to name a few options. But you can accomplish a customized look with random width planks, gaining up-to-date visuals that will serve you well over time.

Random width planks are exactly what they sound like; narrow and wide wood floor planks that are varied during installation, giving a unique and rustic look. This is a more creative design that isn't a common sight in many homes, which means it provides a more extensive d├ęcor-matching possibility. However, it is a trending option that produces a more natural appeal for genuinely rustic designs that will keep you current longer.

No matter which hardwood product you choose, you’ll need to allow the products to acclimate before installation. The acclimation process can take one to three days or more, and we’ll give you every detail when you choose all your materials and service, so contact us today.

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