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What Direction Should Hardwood Flooring be Laid?

June 15, 2021
Family-friendly hardwood flooring in an Austin, TX home
One of the benefits of utilizing an experienced installation team is their knowledge of how your hardwood flooring should be laid. You might think the direction does not matter to a great extent, but it does, and we will tell you more about that in today's post.

Wood floors are an excellent addition to your home

The durability and extensive lifespan of hardwood floors is something every homeowner looks forward to, and the installation of these materials matters greatly. For instance, hardwood should always be laid perpendicularly to your floor joists and not between them.

Ensuring this fit of boards across joists, you will get the best performance, with very little chance of buckling, sagging, or separating boards. It is also an aesthetically pleasing option, with vertical placement offering the illusion of added lengths for smaller rooms.

Another factor to consider in the installation of your new hardwood is natural light. In most cases, the boards should run in the same direction as the light rays, eliminating shadows that can result otherwise for great-looking floors.

Call on us for the wood floors you need

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