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What Does Tongue and Groove Hardwood Flooring Mean?

April 29, 2022
Tongue and groove hardwood flooring for your Austin, TX home
When you shop for hardwood flooring, you'll hear many new terminologies. One of the things you'll hear a lot about is tongue and groove flooring choices.

What does this term mean? It does help to find out more about what this option means for you and your new flooring installation.

Tongue and groove, defined

Tongue and groove floors have been around a long time. One side of the board is grooved, and the other features a protruding tongue.

The boards fit together with a solid seam and a snug fit. The goal is to prevent vertical movements that could be detrimental to wood floors.

Advantages of this installation method

One of the most sought-after benefits of the tongue and groove method is the minimal nail or adhesive use. Since the pieces fit into one another, there's no need for added work.

In site-finished materials, the process also allows for watertight results. Thanks to the added durability, it's an excellent choice for kitchens and hallways.

Important installation facts

As with all hardwood flooring, professional installation is the best way to protect it. And each material must go through acclimation before installation can start.

These ensure the best results, look, and warranty protection for life. And we'll be happy to explain the details of it all while you're shopping.

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