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Carpet Flooring: How Long Does Built-in Stain Protection Last?

June 06, 2023
Dallas homeowner maintaining their carpet flooring
Many homeowners prefer a carpet in Dallas, but many are concerned with permanent stains and how to avoid them. Along those same lines, they also want to know how long built-in stain protection lasts and if it works as well as is touted, so here are some answers for you.

All you need to know about stain protection

Today's carpet offers outstanding benefits like stunning visual concepts, trendy looks, and better pricing than ever before. It also provides added protection from stains, which makes for a very appealing floor covering in various rooms.

When you choose this built-in protection in our carpet store, you may wonder how long the protection lasts, and you’ll be pleased to find that it lasts as long as your carpets do. As long as these floors are in place, you'll be protected from stains, dinginess, and odors often associated with them, regardless of your traffic levels.

Combining the most attractive visuals with nearly indestructible flooring characteristics gives you a surface you'll adore for decades. With all the right benefit choices and professional installation, these floors could serve you for over 20 years, so discuss your carpet installation needs with a consultant when you contact us.

Consider our mobile carpet store for all your flooring needs

At Express Flooring, we believe flooring was made to look good in your home, making showroom shopping obsolete when choosing the perfect flooring. That's why we work to eliminate the hassle, anxiety, and frustration by bringing the flooring store to your door instead.

Based in Arizona, Texas, Las Vegas, & New Mexico, our Dallas-Fort Worth service areas include Arlington, Euless, Garland, Grand Prairie, Irving, Plano, Grapevine, and more. When you’re ready to experience outstanding satisfaction with your selection, purchase, and carpet installation, please contact us at your convenience.