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How To Get The Perfect Hardwood Flooring Installation

January 25, 2023
Professional wood flooring installation in a Phoenix, AZ home
When you’re ready to upgrade to hardwood flooring, you'll have plenty of options that give you fantastic results. Wood floors can serve you well, from species selection to installation layout and everything in between.

When you’re ready for the installation portion of your remodel, you'll enjoy the process much more with the correct information. So, here are four tips to make the most of this process.

4 tips for your hardwood floor installation

1. Never skip the acclimation process – Acclimation is the most crucial part of your installation because it equalizes the humidity between the flooring and the environment. This process ensures no warping, cracking, splitting, or peeling for perfect wood floors.

2. Ensure technicians have access to electrical outlets – Your installation team will use many power tools during this installation, so they must be able to access them. This access allows installers to move through the installation process quickly and easily.

3. Clear your valuables – Rooms should be emptied before installation starts, especially regarding valuable wall hangings, vases, and standing art. We are bonded and insured, but we know that you can't replace essential pieces with sentimental value.

4. Ask questions – No matter what kind of hardwood flooring you choose for your remodel, asking questions could be crucial for your best results. So, stop by today and talk with a flooring professional to begin.

We have the hardwood flooring and services you need

At Express Flooring, we bring the floor to your door with shop-at-home services and a mobile showroom. So, enjoy an experience free from anxiety, hassle, and frustration by making an appointment with us today to skip the brick-and-mortar showroom shop.

When you’re ready for the best hardwood flooring in Phoenix, AZ, we ensure you find it. Our Phoenix service areas include Scottsdale, Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale, Peoria, Tempe, and more, so contact us today.