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How to Keep Your Bathroom Dry [Easy Tips]

June 18, 2020
Dry bathrooms are a contemporary custom especially in the southwest region. The bathroom is one of the places where most of us spend time getting clean. Now- a- days dry floors are preferred by the people to feel comfortable and to avoid slips and falls. It is very important to clean your bathrooms for a healthy and hygiene setting because restrooms with wet floors all the time become too messy and more of a chance to skid and it will be a dangerous hazard.

Here are a few reasons why we should strive to keep our bathroom dry:

  • As we all know, incessant soggy bathrooms give out a disgusting damp smell, where it creates the worst impression to the visitors coming home after a long hard day.
  • Water in bathrooms builds up moss in the corners and around the buckets, where it could cause permanent staining on your floors.
  • We usually are in the habit of wearing slippers to the loo. If there is any water flooded on floors, there will soon be muddy puddles and foot marks hit on your floors. So, to keep away from these dirty troubles we should try to keep floors dry and bathrooms tidy on a regular basis.

Adequate lighting

While adequate lighting itself isn’t a key element of keeping a bathroom nice and dry, it’s an important step for you to think about, and having enough light is one of the more helpful bathroom cleaning tips. After all, how can you clean up your bathroom floors and other surfaces if you don’t have enough light in there to see what you are doing? That’s exactly why you need to make sure you have enough lighting throughout the space.

Consider adding a set of lights up above the sink in your bathroom to create a sort of vanity light so you can see what you are doing in the mirror when brushing your teeth, getting your hair ready or anything else that you are doing in the bathroom. This should not be your only source of light in the space though.

As well as the above mirror lighting in your bathroom, you should have some recessed lights or other forms of ceiling mounted lights so that you can see clearly around the room. Test out lights in the space and make sure that you have enough to banish any major shadows and to give you a nice bright space in your bathroom. You’ll be glad that you spend the extra time adding enough light, and it will make things like bathroom maintenance and different cleaning options a bit easier for you to use.

Keeping the bathroom dry and cool

To maintain a healthy bathroom environment it’s important to keep it nice and dry and somewhat cool throughout the year. Using blinds or curtains on bright sunny days can help you keep your space cooler, but those curtains can be opened after showers or cleaning the space to allow the sun to dry it out more quickly.

Your bathroom should have proper ventilation to pull moisture out after showering or bathing and to leave the area smelling fresh and clean at the end of the day. Make sure that you have enough ventilation in the space and you’ll enjoy a cleaner and more effective bathroom as a result.

Providing thorough ventilation

By and large proper ventilation is the most important aspect of maintaining a dry bathroom. Without good enough ventilation all the moisture from showers and baths in the space will remain there and lead to a damp or musty smell and issues with mold overtime. That’s why you need to get a high-quality vent fan installed in your space. It’s one of the most important steps for you to take and it will help with bathroom maintenance in the future as well.

Consult a professional to make sure you have a vent fan installed in the right location and that it’s sized large enough to pull out all the moisture in your space properly. The vent fan should be set up on a timer a well so that when you turn it off it will remain running an additional 20 minutes. This helps ensure that all the moisture is properly removed from your bathroom, leaving you with a clean and high-quality space.

Using effective cleaning products

One of the most important bathroom cleaning tips to help keep your space neat and dry and consistently clean is to get high-quality cleaning products for each cleaning task. That means buying a quality mop that doesn’t hold excess water during use. It means getting cleaning products that remove grease and other surface contaminants effectively.


It also means investing in cleaning tools like steam mops and grout cleaners to truly disinfect your space and leave it nice and clean. Make sure that you have good quality products for all the different types of cleaning that you will be doing in the bathroom, and you’ll have a drier and cleaner space to enjoy.

Basic consistent cleaning

To keep the floors and the rest of your bathroom space nice and clean, you should adopt consistent cleaning practices that will help you maintain a sanitary environment. This means using a cleaning product that’s designed to disinfect and remove all sorts of germs and bacteria and using it all around the common surfaces of your bathroom including sinks, floors, toilets and other areas. Invest in a few different good quality cleaners for this purpose.


Each day you should wipe up any spills that are in your bathroom, dry off the damp floor using a towel and make sure that any wetness is removed before it has a chance to create mildew and mold. If your bathroom smells damp you need to apply different practices to make sure it is cleaned and ventilated properly.

Sweep and mop the bathroom regularly, wipe down sinks, counters, and toilets often and use a good toilet bowl cleaner to keep smells from building up in your bathroom. These simple cleaning options will help you maintain a more pleasant environment over time. There are many different special bathroom cleaning tips, but often a simple approach is all that’s needed to maintain a clean environment that you can really be proud of.


There are many bathroom cleaning tips around the floors of the space and these are often the areas that need the most attention of all. It’s up to you to wipe away any dust, debris and accumulations on the floors of your bathrooms. To do this sweep the space frequently and mop every few days. Also, make sure that you are washing and drying towels and bath mats regularly so avoid damp smells. Check for wet pools on your bathroom floors frequently and wipe them up whenever you notice them.


To keep your bathroom floors clean without making the space too wet, consider investing in a good spin mop. These mops are designed for cleaning floors without putting too much water down on the floor and they are an important cleaning tool for the house. A good spin mop comes with a capable bucket and a spinning function that will remove most of the excess water from the mop head so that you can clean without creating water pools in the space.

Out of all the different bathroom cleaning tips and types of cleaning that you have to worry about, one of the most important steps of good bathroom maintenance is to clean the floors regularly and to do so properly. If you can manage to do that most of your moisture issues will go away and you’ll have a more pleasant bathroom to be in as well.

Vacuum and Dust

Another step that many people don’t think about when cleaning a bathroom is to vacuum and dust the space. It’s tough getting rid of hair and other debris from a bathroom floor, but vacuuming it all up is one of the best ways to do so. Run a vacuum over top of your bathroom floors without spinning the brush roll and you’ll lift up hair, dirt and other particles that would have been more difficult to get rid of with a broom. If you do this just once a week your space will be easier to clean.


Dusting is another important step for bathroom maintenance. Use a good dust rag and spray to wipe away any dust accumulation on shelves, shower stalls and other areas around the bathroom that are prone to buildup. This only needs to be done a few times each month, but doing so will help keep your bathroom looking and smelling fresh and it only takes a few minutes to do. These bathroom cleaning tips are basic, but many people don’t think of them or don’t make them a real priority.

Mirrors and glass

Before you can have a completely clean bathroom you need to wipe the mirrors and glass clean throughout the space. For that task, you need a high-quality glass cleaner. There are many different glass cleaners on the market, but it is up to you to make sure you get something with an alcohol base that will dissolve completely so that you don’t end up with streaks on the surfaces after cleaning them. Look through all the glass cleaning options and choose one that seems like it will work well, test it out, and if it gives you nice streak-free glass when you are finished, it’s a good investment for you.

By taking the right steps and following important bathroom cleaning tips you can keep your bathroom looking and smelling clean all throughout the year. This means actively wiping away any dirt and grime as you see it, and routinely doing things like cleaning the toilets, the showers, and the bathtubs to make sure that everything remains in good shape over time. It’s not always easy to keep a bathroom clean, especially when many people are making use of the space, but it’s an important task that should be a priority in your home.

Follow the above bathroom cleaning tips and think about things like wiping away spills on bathroom floors and having all the right cleaning options and tools available to you to do the job properly and you won’t get stuck with major problems that you’ll have to deal with for years to come. Get the light and ventilation options taken care of in your bathroom and you’ll have much fewer issues with mold, mildew, and moisture. If you don’t have proper ventilation though, you’ll be fighting moisture problems the entire time you use that bathroom and it’s just not worth the hassle. Spend the time, consult with professionals, and make sure your bathroom is ready to stand up to moisture so that you can enjoy it.

If you’re having trouble with moisture, or you just want to redo your bathroom to be more user-friendly to clean and maintain, consider talking with professionals to help plan out a remodel just for you. With help from the right pros you’ll end up with a space that you can work with a bit easier and you’ll be less likely to run into issues later on.