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Tiling Tips: How to Mix Tile, Hardwood and Carpeting

June 22, 2020
Many home renovation projects may transform a room with belongingness, beauty, and attractive effects with new hardwood carpet floors. A hardwood flooring option is a preferred choice in mid to higher-end homes. The trend is high to add a hardwood flooring system in most homes and it is a suitable option in any part of your home. From the family room to the bathroom and from the kitchen to the bedroom.

It always based on your size and construction of your home. And the good news is that you can easily access hardwood flooring with existing hardwood or you can mix two different types of hardwood tiles together for your better home. The installation also depends upon your budget and the size of carpet flooring. Let’s find out few tips on mixing hardwood tiles and installation services as well.

  • It is simple to match or mix flooring tiles with solid hardwood, engineered hardwood might be difficult to get match but not impossible to fix until and unless the manufacturer/ of they made. Solid hardwood flooring is known for flexible with long life in thousands of colours and matching ability as well.
  • You can go through smart check while installing, check sub-floors in height to existing sub-floor of other wood. Remember to keep them even in height, if it is not then you may need to removing or adding another layer of plywood to cover height difference.
  • Another step is to define the types and status of wood flooring. Several homeowners choose oak flooring options, which is not simple as there are red oak floors and white oak floors. If you combine these two species it may make the correct combination for your home. In fact, there are many more patterns and varieties in wood flooring like- maple, douglas fir, and yellow pine, etc.
  • Installation of hardwood flooring should be in a perpendicular to the joints or a diagonal for the best continuity. Generally, homeowners are making strategic choices to alter the location of wood. The reason for changing hardwood may emphasize the longer length of your room. If it is a rectangular shape, the chance is to change the width of the wood in the new area. And different colours and designs may not change direction but will definitely attract your home.
  • It is very simple to buy and install hardwood flooring, start with estimating budget and order materials, according to need. Prepare sub-floors and fasten laminated Kraft paper flooring. Place the materials to the site and keep them to adapt to the environment of the room. Layout and mark the places the flooring options. Assign the first row of flooring to the subfloor, cut, and secure following flooring strips.
  • You can go by hiring professional installers as well, by checking websites and visiting carpet stores in the Phoenix market. There is a possibility to find discounts on carpet floors with the right carpet installers. 

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