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Wall-to-Wall Carpet: What is it?

January 12, 2023
Whole home carpet in Phoenix, AZ from Express Flooring
As you shop for your carpet choices, you'll hear the term wall-to-wall flooring, and you might wonder what it means. In simplest terms, carpeting is installed from wall to wall in every direction.

Wall-to-wall coverings offer exceptional benefits that can give you the result you want and need. Here are some considerations as you shop for your new flooring.

Why choose wall-to-wall carpeting?

Wall-to-wall carpeting offers impressive comfort you won't find in any other floor covering. Depending on your chosen fibers, you'll enjoy a smooth, plush underfoot experience like no other.

You’ll also get excellent noise suppression from the carpet, which is perfect for busy areas in homes with children and lots of activity. Since the flooring soaks up voices, electronic devices, and footfall, you’ll enjoy a more peaceful experience wherever the flooring is installed.

Benefits of wall-to-wall carpet

The luxurious experience from this flooring works to your advantage in more than one way. Comfort from corner to corner combines stunning visuals with the same range for perfect d├ęcor matching.

The softness is also a perfect touch for homes with children, supplying a comfortable play place and a safer surface. In addition, our carpet store offers products for fewer chances of tripping, falling, and associated injuries.

These benefits work as well for elderly family members, with safety against failure of walking aids. And with low-maintenance fibers, you'll enjoy floors you can clean faster and easier.

Choose our mobile carpet store

Express Flooring cuts the hassle, anxiety, and frustration from your floor shopping experience by bringing the store to your door. Use our shop-at-home services to ensure your satisfaction from product selection through installation.

We cover Arizona, Texas, Las Vegas, and New Mexico with outstanding carpeting and services. When you need the best carpet in Phoenix, AZ, you should know our Phoenix service areas include Scottsdale, Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale, Peoria, Tempe, and more!