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Is Vinyl An Excellent Commercial Flooring Option?

May 31, 2022
Commercial vinyl flooring in a Phoenix, AZ restaurant
When you need great commercial flooring, vinyl is an excellent choice. You'll find a tremendous variety of appearance options to match any decor scheme.

But the flooring also provides excellent durability. You'll see that a commercial rating gives you ample protection and so much more.

Visual appeal for high-traffic areas

If you have a commercial space with lots of customer interaction, appearance means a lot. And it's easy to match them all with a vinyl flooring choice.

Commercial vinyl flooring can mimic beautiful wood, stone, and tile results. But they also offer a variety of more creative options.

Durability gives you a longer lifespan

These floors feature a construction that's made for durability. Thicker materials and wear layers mean you'll get more protection.

Besides protecting against dings, scratches, and scuffs, commercial vinyl flooring goes the extra mile. They help bear heavy loads, rolling loads, and gouges too.

If you need softness most of all

We understand that sometimes, only soft surface flooring will do. If that's the case, there are commercial flooring options for that too.

A commercial carpet is a fantastic choice for a softer underfoot feel. But you don't have to sacrifice durability to get it, and we'll tell you how.

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