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Can I Install Carpet in My Whole Home if I Have Hallways?

March 06, 2023
Carpet installation in a Phoenix, AZ home
There’s many things to consider when choosing to install carpet, especially in a busy household with high-traffic hallways. Some carpeting types, such as nylon, work well in high-traffic areas, offering excellent crush resistance.

Consider added benefits for your chosen flooring for those with extensive traffic due to pets or children. Here are some things that can help you pick the perfect carpet for your home.

Built-in protection

Thanks to today's modern marvels, you can now opt for stain and odor-resistant flooring built into your carpet. That makes carpeting a better choice than ever for spaces like hallways, busy living rooms, and children’s rooms.

If this sounds like an option that could bring more peace of mind to your upcoming remodel, ask about products that include it when you're shopping for carpet in Phoenix, AZ. We'll match you with options catering to every space's needs.

Ultimate comfort

Carpet provides a cushioned and comfortable surface that can help reduce the impact on your feet and legs, making it great for your high-traffic hallways. It can also help insulate your home and provide warmth, an especially beneficial feature in the winter here in Arizona.

Carpet can also contribute to the overall comfort of a space by creating a warm and inviting feel. The color and design of the carpet influences the mood of your home and contributes to its purpose of helping your family relax and recharge.

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